Following a lengthy Fortnite session, an 8-year-old Memphis child was rushed to the emergency room. But who’s fault is it…?

FOX13 reports that a Memphis family was forced to rush their child to the emergency room after the child played Fortnite, without taking a break, for too long. The boy had refused to step away from the game to take care of business in the restroom, causing problems which worried the parents.

The child’s parents provided FOX13 Memphis with the following statement…

My son is stuck on that Fortnite game and was holding himself from the bathroom to continue playing.

With the recent reports of the negative side-effects to gaming and Gaming Disorder becoming officially recognized for the Center for Disease Control, this is certainly not a good look for Fortnite.

According to Dr. Mark Corkins, Chief Pediatric Gastroenterology at Le Bonheur’s Children’s Hospital, incidents such as this are most common amongst children in the 5 to 11 year-old range…

We all have that kind of desire to win and then it becomes so focused on the game that they likely ignore the cues. Those kids can develop significant constipation that can lead to things like abdominal pain, and some of them develop problems that they actually leak stool because there’s such a backup and they’re so full.

What are your thoughts on this situation and the perceived “Fortnite addiction” which has made headlines over the last year? Are the parents to blame?

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