As with every Fortnite update, there are loads of leaks that come and getting a whole new chapter is nothing different as upcoming load screens have leaked.

Fortnite Chapter 2 has brought the game out of the black hole and introduced it to a brand-new map, Battle Pass, mechanics, and loads of other changes.


It’s an exciting direction for the game to take and fans are able to take it a step further by seeing what Epic have in store in the coming weeks.

Well-known Fortnite dataminer and leaker Lucas7yoshi uncovered the Week 1,2, and 3 loading screens in the files for us to see.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like anything new is being hinted at by them, but they do give us some cool screenshots from some of the new locations you can find on the map.

It’d be pretty surprising to see Epic have major changes on the horizon directly after this major update so fans will likely be fine with having some minor changes in the coming weeks.

The map is filled with new locations and to complete a challenge, you’ll have to visit them, so you’ll be able to see these sights for yourself.

One of the loading screens shows off the new fishing mechanic that came with Chapter 2, and it’s a surprisingly effective method to get loot.

Reel in a big one!

Arguably the best looking loading screen of the bunch is the one with the three characters looking over the map, taking in all of the changes that were made.

There’s a lot to take in with this update and the load screens are far from the only leaks from this update.

On top of the screens, we have gotten looks at the cosmetics and challenges from the upcoming weeks. There are a lot of interesting looking skins so take a look at those if you’re interested.

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