Epic Games revealed the next Fortnite update will be arriving on November 12, but then subsequently delayed it.

The start of Fortnite Chapter 2 has been met with quite a mixed reception, with much of the criticism being laid on Epic for not releasing patch notes.

Ever since the start of Chapter 2, there has not been a traditional set of patch notes to arrive for players. This has led to players having to figure out what is new themselves and some have even created patch notes of their own.

This Tuesday was supposed to be a patch day, but it ended up being part of an untimely delay. Epic tweeted the news out on their Fortnite Status Twitter page.

We currently have no reason for the delay but Epic said they will provide an update when there is one.

As for what we could have expected with the patch? Details are scarce, as they have been, but it sounds like the bulk of this update was going to focus on Save the World.

That is good news for Save the World fans as they feel they have been shafted ever since the Battle Royale mode gained immense popularity.

The v11.11 is delayed.

There are numerous known issues for Fortnite across all platforms, which can easily be followed through the Trello page, so if you ever need an idea of what’s being worked on, you can easily check there.

Thursdays are usually the next best bet for Fortnite updates if they don’t arrive on Tuesday, so perhaps we could see this one arrive on November 14.

If that isn’t the case, then it’s anyone’s guess as to when it can arrive. At least it won’t be another random update like it has been previously.

Stay with us here and we’ll keep you updated on the future v11.11 update in Fortnite.

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