Fortnite Chapter 2 has officially arrived, and the new content update has brought a variety of new features across the entire game for fans.

Alongside a host of new weapons and items to use in Fortnite with the new update, there’s also a new feature related to weapons that Epic Games has added.

Discovered on Reddit, players can actually upgrade your weapon rarity in-game using materials. So if you pick up a grey SMG and want to change it up, giving up 50 Wood + 50 Brick + 50 Metal upgrades it to a Green SMG without having to search for a new weapon.

Upgrade on Craggy Cliffs

The amount of material changes to upgrade the weapon as you want to go to higher rarity for weapons. For example, going from green to blue increases the amount to 150 per each material.

This overall upgrade system cuts down on a lot of the RNG in Fortnite, something which many players have been complaining about. With the ability to upgrade the weapons when you need, you can have the weapon rarity you want, but it comes with a sacrifice of materials.

It will be neat to see the strategies that develop with this system and competitive Fortnite play. Will pro players want to sacrifice the materials for an upgrade on the weapon or just keep the materials and weapon rarity?

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