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Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3: What to expect

What we’re expecting to see when Fortnite Season 3 releases.



Fortnite Season 3 is only hours away, which means it’s prediction time. We took a look at all of the teasers, rumors, and leaks to develop our list of expectations for the new season. Here’s what we – and a large chunk of the Fortnite community – think is coming.

The Flood

We’re all anticipating the map to flood when Season 3 hits. It’s not surprising to predict a map-wide flood. Now, though, we have our canon explanation for why the map will flood.

There are a ton of theories floating around (no pun intended) about what happened during yesterday’s event. Is Fortnite a simulation? Who is John Jones and who does he work for? Why is the storm so important?

Regardless of these questions and budding theories, the reason for the flood is now clear: the new storm won’t be able to hold and will eventually leak, causing the map to flood.

Via: @FortTory
Via: @FortTory


Aquaman is now all but confirmed as the tier 100 or secret skin for Season 3. We saw Jason Momoa, the actor who plays Aquaman, post the Trident teaser on his Instagram story. Fortnite then shared this image on their own story.

Donald Mustard, the king of Fortnite teasers, even tweeted the Instagram story from his personal account. At this point, Aquaman will either be in the Battle Pass or be the biggest red herring in Fortnite history.

Motorcycle and Submarine

There are a couple of things that we learned from the teasers. The first is more concrete: the existence of a motorcycle or scooter. You can clearly see this in one of the promotional images, so it will likely be added as a land or amphibious vehicle.

The second vehicle is based around a theory. Looking at these teasers, it seems like they’re taken from the perspective of a submarine lens. This would make a lot of sense with an underwater map.


Another promotional image for Season 3 included a picture of a baby Meowscles riding the aforementioned motorcycle. This is too small to be a skin, so some fans assumed it would be a back bling like pets from previous seasons.

There’s another theory floating around, though, that revolves around Bud the Mushroom. This little guy was only in the game for a few hours. He walked behind you and healed you for the price of 100 wood and a dance.

Fans are putting these two pieces together and suggesting that Epic could bring healing animals into the game; namely, the baby Meowscles. It’s an interesting concept, but we’ll have to wait until tomorrow to know more.

A New Meta

Everyone has their predictions, but the truth is that no one has any idea what Season 3 will bring. We’re predicting a shift in the meta, however, which has been relatively stale since the beginning of Chapter 2.

Season 2 was one of the more spammy seasons of Fortnite. We expect some of these “spray” weapons to get placed back into the vault. We also wouldn’t be surprised if traps came back to the game after a season without them.

Of course, we also have the rumored Flare Gun and will undoubtedly see some new weapons and items along with that. A new Fortnite meta is long overdue, and we’ll be happy to see how Season 3 shakes out.

So, there you have it: a brief outline of some of the expectations for Season 3. There’s a chance that all of this is dead wrong, but we think that some of these predictions will come true, at least.

Of course, we’ll have you covered with all of the news when Season 3 drops early tomorrow morning. We’re excited to see what’s next.

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All Fortnite Season 6 Exotic Weapon locations

Fortnite Season 6 is here, and only a few Exotic weapons made it. Here are all Exotic weapon locations for the new Fortnite season.




Fortnite Season 6 marked the return of Exotic weapons to Fortnite. Not all of the Season 6 weapons are there, however, and they’ve moved locations.

There’s no shortage of new mechanics in Fortnite Season c, with the addition of crafting, the map changes, and a whole lot more.

Mythics have returned to the game in Season 6 but in a limited capacity. The only classic Mythic items in Fortnite Season 5 include the Spire Jumpboots and the Spire Assassin’s Primal Shotgun.

What’s more, Epic added craftable items to the game that allow players to create unique weapons out of existing parts. For instance, a Mechanical Bow and two Shockwave Grenades make the Shockwave Bow – a massive upgrade from both weapons.

Fortnite Season 6 Exotic weapon locations

Exotic weapons have returned to Fortnite Season 6, but not as many as we had in Season 5. These will be supplementary items rather than the focus of the season, which appears to be on the new crafting mechanic.

Many of the NPCs who sold these items in Season 5 have also either moved locations or don’t sell them anymore, so a new guide is needed. Here’s a map of all of the Season 6 Exotic weapon locations.

As you can see, there are only four Exotic weapons and items that made it to Fortnite Season 6. These are the:

The good news is that, unlike last season, all of the NPCs that sell Exotics only spawn in one location – at least, so far.

We’ll keep this post updated as Epic add more Exotics to Fortnite Season 6. We expect to see them takes things further as the season goes on, so stay tuned to more news on Exotic weapons.

Image Credit: Epic Games, Fortnite.GG

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Battle Royale

Fortnite split-screen: how to play with friends

Epic introduced the ability to play split-screen Fortnite in Chapter 2 Season 1. Here’s how to enable the setting.



Epic introduced the ability to play split-screen Fortnite back in Chapter 2 Season 1. Here’s how to enable it so you can play locally with a friend.

Fortnite has always had a focus on playing with friends, but that always meant you had to play online. Even if you were in the same house as your friend or family member, the two of you had to play on two separate devices.

This changed back in the v11.30 update in Chapter 2 Season 1. Epic introduced split-screen capabilities on consoles for the first time. It wasn’t perfect when it first came out, but it’s since gotten a lot better.

How to use the Fortnite console split-screen feature

Initiating split-screen is simple. All you have to do is connect two controllers to your Xbox or PlayStation. Split-screen still isn’t available on mobile, PC, or Nintendo Switch. Here are the steps you need to follow:

  1. Start Fortnite
  2. Connect a second controller to the console and turn it on
  3. Hit ‘Main Menu’
  4. Player 1 will need to invite Player 2 with their Epic account
  5. Player 2 will need to sign into their account
  6. Player 2 will join and split-screen will automatically initiate

You can even save another player’s information on another account on your console, making split-screen easier and quicker to complete.

The feature still isn’t perfect and doesn’t replace the feeling of playing online. You’ll only have access to half of your screen, so you’re going to miss a few things that normal players will see. Still, playing split-screen is far more preferable than switching off with your friend or family member game after game. Enjoy!

Image Credit: Epic Games/u/SmonkYT

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Fortnite v16.20: what to expect

The Fortnite Season 6 v16.20 update is expected to go live this week. Here’s what we expect to see in the next Fortnite update



Fortnite Season 6

The Fortnite v16.20 is expected to release this week. Here’s what we’ll see in the patch notes when the update goes live.

We’re working our way through Fortnite Season 6, but Epic are continuing to give us new content to explore. We’re only a week past v16.10 and are already expecting to see v16.20 go live this week.

Here’s our typical patch breakdown on what to expect in the update, including some leaked items and a long list of bug fixes.

Bug fixes

Epic are consistently updating their game to fix bugs, glitches, and exploits. In the v16.20 patch, we’ll see a ton of fixes – including a fix for an exploit that allowed players to gain unlimited health/shield over the course of a match.

Here are all of the bug fixes that should be addressed in the v16.20 update.

  • Cannot create system-level parties between PS5 and PS4 when playing Fortnite.
  • Code Green Wrap not appearing correctly.
  • Arena playlist issues.
  • Storm visibility is clear when using Performance Mode.
  • Collection Book Character #17 not appearing on the Island.
  • Slurpshrooms and Coconuts temporarily disabled.
  • (Creative) Start with ‘Pickaxe’ Creator setting still spawning with a Pickaxe.
  • (Creative) Vehicles not moving properly in Creative.
  • (Mobile) Cosmetics in Lobby appearing blurry on Nintendo Switch.
  • (Mobile) 3D resolution reset itself even if the player saved the settings.


We’ve seen a few leaks about content that could be coming to Fortnite in the coming weeks. The most likely addition to Fortnite in v16.20 would be the Unstable Bow – a rumored Exotic weapon that should be coming to Season 6.

On top of that, we’ve seen leaks about vehicle and weapon mods, additional crafting materials, and more. We don’t know if/when any of these will come to the game. We always take leaks with a grain of salt, but many of these items will likely make their way to Fortnite – possibly in the next update.

Fortnite Season 6 unstable bow

We’ll keep you posted when we have official word from Epic on the v16.20 patch. We expect to see it on April 13 or 14, at the latest.

In the meantime, make sure to follow us on Twitter @FortniteINTEL so you never miss out on any of the latest Fortnite news.

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