Rumors are circulating regarding the release time of Fortnite Chapter 2. We have now hit the 24-hour mark and still no update, but that doesn’t mean we’ll have to wait until tomorrow.

The Fortnite player base is understandably impatient regarding Fortnite Chapter 2. After all, we haven’t been able to play the game for a full day and withdrawals are setting in.


Twenty-four hours after Season X ended, we still don’t have any official information about what’s to come for Chapter 2. Sure, we’ve seen the map, Battle Pass trailer, and some new mechanics leaked ahead of the new season – but none of this is official from Epic Games.

Rumors have been swirling as to when Chapter 2 Season 1 will begin. One theory from @404ROCKY connected dots from Donald Mustard’s tweets about the Eiffel Tower.

This take is a bit of a stretch, but it doesn’t mean it’s wrong. Donald Mustard has been winking at us for two years – teasing almost every update in one way or another.

The most credible information comes from the Chinese Fortnite promotional material. Data miners have gone digging in the source code and found the Chinese release date, which translates to 4:05 EST today.

So, as of this writing, we’re about an hour and a half from the rumored Fortnite Chapter 2 release date. Of course, Fortnite works quite a bit differently in China, so it’s possible they’ll be getting Chapter 2 at a different time than we will.

I was holding out hope that Epic would wait exactly 24 hours before releasing Chapter 2, but 24 hours has come and gone. Take a look at everything we know about Fortnite Chapter 2. We’ll be updating that as more information comes out.

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