A new leak for Fortnite Chapter 2 has given players their first look for the first “Mythic” item coming to the game

Players have been diving into the various new mechanics in Fortnite Chapter 2, chief among them the ability to pick up a Fishing Rod and scavenge the shallow waters for building materials and other items.


There’s a lot of rewards to reap if players take the time to fish them out. In fact, some people are already finding that fishing could be a more effective way to loot up depending on the early game circumstances they’re in.

Fortnite players have been netting helpful items by going fishing. Credit: Epic Games

That could be even more true if an October 16 leak comes to fruition in Fortnite. Notable leaker for the battle royale ‘HYPEX’ uncovered sights and sounds connected to a ‘Mythic Goldfish’ that could be on its way to the game.

The majestic item takes the shape of a goldfish in the shape of a gold statue on top of a small handle. Just like random objects fishermen come up with all the time, players will have to fish up the item in order to get it into their inventory.

Once obtained, the item can be thrown at opponents, apparently dealing 90 damage to the target. It’s still unknown whether it’ll be a direct hit sort of item or have an Area of Effect damage radius.

But if the Mythic Goldfish doesn’t have some sort of splash damage, the Fortnite developers will have floundered their chance for a great in-game mechanic.

Along with the image, Twitter user ‘xkleinmikex’ dug up sound files that deem to go with the Mythic item.

So far the sounds cover instances for when a player picks up the golden fish, when they drop it, and when it makes an impact with an object.

It seems like the developers have already sorted how the item will look and feel if they choose to incorporate the Mythic Goldfish item into the battle royale.

While there isn’t any confirmation of when it might make its official debut, Epic Games are sure to be integrating a ton of new items in Fortnite’s new chapter.

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