Nearly 24 hours after the in-game event that broke Fortnite and there appears to be no end to the downtime in sight.

Fortnite has been down for nearly a day at this point, sending anyone who logs into the game through a black hole and into the abyss. Right now, thousands of people are still watching a black screen on YouTube, Twitch, and other streaming platforms while the rest of us try to work out what’s going on.


We’ve seen very little information about what’s going to happen next. Numbers flashed around the black hole and corresponded to words in the Visitor’s recording. People decoded the message, but it didn’t tell us much. The numbers were more like an epilogue than they were the start of a new entry in the series.

Since then, Fortnite fans have been waiting for news of what’s next. Initial reports had it that Fortnite was going to be down until Tuesday, October 15. A lot of players thought this was fake news, but it seems like the best-case scenario now.

That’s right. The code on now has ‘Fortnite Chapter 2’ starting on Thursday rather than Tuesday. We haven’t heard any official announcement of downtime and are still staring at numbers in a black hole – hoping they’ll give us an answer.

Is it likely that Epic will wait until Thursday to release Chapter 2? No, probably not. Two days of waiting generates hype, while four days of waiting could piss people off.

No other game has done anything like this. Epic is making us wait to play their game and capitalizing on the excitement surrounding the new map.

Anyone who claims that this strategy is hurting Fortnite is just plain wrong. Sure, it might be annoying and frustrating, but think of how excited players are going to be when Chapter 2 finally goes live.

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Fortnite was at an all-time low during Season 10. The community was down on the game and Twitch viewership was falling. Players have been waiting for Season 11 since Season 10 started.

Now, Fortnite is at number 1 or number 2 on Twitch – depending on when you look. Streamers are literally staring at a black hole, and it’s getting more eyeballs than actual gameplay of other titles. Speculative articles like this one are getting more clicks than they have in a long time. The strategy is clearly working.

The Fortnite community is engaged again. We can’t wait to play. Epic knows it, and they’re milking it for everything they can.

The good news? It looks like Fortnite Chapter 2 has been announced in China. According to the announcement, the new season – or new game – will start on October 15.

Epic could be trolling with the extension on their website. They know the data miners are digging into every little thing they do, and have even trolled them with similar gags in the past.

Let’s hope this is the case, and it’s not that Chinese players will get a taste of Chapter 2 before we do.

Jimmy is a passionate gamer and lover/hater of all things Fortnite. Good comms on Twitter @JimmyDangus.