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Fortnite Chapter 2: All Feats revealed



Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 1 is finally here and it has got some brand new challenges – called Feats – for players to try and tick off.

After the Black Hole event left everyone scratching their heads and asking when they’d be able to play Fortnite again, Chapter 2 finally went live on October 15.

The new chapter, which is in season one, has got a brand-new map, mechanics for swimming, new weapons, and a whole host of new cosmetics. Of course, there are also returning features too, with the most notable being challenges. There are still the classic Battle Pass challenges that help get new skins and level up for other rewards, but there are also new ones – Feats.

Thanks to popular dataminer iFireMonkey, who managed to get his hands on these feats amid the mad rush to leak any details about the new chapter, we now have an extensive list of things to tick off.

They do include things that you’ll tick off without knowing, and others like harvesting 999 Wood in a single match or being able to catch fish at different locations. Yet, there are a few that will take longer – just like reaching level 250 during Season 1 or catching the Mythic Goldfish.

While iFireMonkey kindly leaked the image, these challenges be found below in a much easier to read format:

Fortnite Chapter 2 feats

  • Use a bandage to heal yourself while in the storm
  • You’re a good doggo. Yes, you are!
  • Won a duos match during Season 1
  • Won a solo match during Season 1
  • Won a squads match during Season 1
  • Harvested 999 Wood in a single match
  • Harvested 999 Stone in a single match
  • Harvested 999 Metal in a single match
  • Landed on the new island for the first time
  • Used a Medkit while at 1 health
  • Eliminated an opponent who just opened a supply drop
  • Revive a knocked out teammate while in water
  • Just the worst
  • Destroyed 500 Holly Hedges
  • Took out your frustrations on 20 Fishstick restaurant decorations
  • Eliminated 235 opponents at Steamy Stacks
  • Gained 10,000 health or shield from Slurpy Swamp
  • Caught a fish off the Sweaty Sands pier
  • Eliminated an opponent in Dirty Docks within 60 seconds of jumping from the Battle Bus
  • Been droppin’ Salty
  • Won a solo match with at least 10 eliminations
  • Eliminated an opponent with a trap in Misty Meadows
  • Get revived inside the Frenzy Farm barn
  • You picked up a Common Pistol
  • Slurpfish contain 4,000% of your daily recommended toxic waste
  • Ate a Small Fry or a Flopper
  • Ate all the fish and two plastic lobsters
  • Eliminated an opponent with an SMG while in water
  • Won 10 solo matches during Season 1
  • Won 100 solo matches during Season 1
  • Won 10 duo matches during Season 1
  • Won 100 duo matches during Season 1
  • Won 10 squads matches during Season 1
  • Won 100 squads matches during Season 1
  • Won a Team Rumble match during Season 1
  • Won 100 Team Rumble matches during Season 1
  • Reached level 110 during Season 1
  • Reached level 250 during Season 1
  • Completed your first Season 1 mission
  • Completed all missions during Season 1
  • Caught a Mythic Goldfish
  • Eliminated an opponent with a Mythic Goldfish

These feats will fit right alongside the ‘New World’ missions that are available in-game, and task you with exploring the new map in order to tick off objectives.

There is a tonne of XP up for grabs from these missions, so don’t wait too long, it always helps to get a head start on your opponents.


Stats reveal the deadliest locations in Fortnite Season 5

Fortnite data miner, Lucas7Yoshi, has created a map of the most deadly locations in Fortnite Season 5. Here’s where to land or avoid.



Fortnite Season 5 Battle Pass

The Fortnite world is a deadly one. Take a look at some of the most dangerous locations on the entire map.

It’s no secret that Fortnite – and all battle royales, for that matter – have hot-spots for players to drop. If you want a fight, you’ll find one at Salty Towers in every game. If you want a more relaxed experience, Craggy Cliffs might be your speed.

Which are the deadliest places on the Fortnite map? Regular players know about some of them. It should be no secret that Salty Towers and Pleasant Park see a lot of action.

Data miner Lucas7Yoshi has been gathering all kinds of Fortnite data, lately. Most recently, he compiled a map of the most active locations in Season 5. As you can see, Salty Towers and Lazy Lake top the list.

The areas shrouded in blue aren’t completely inactive, but they show how much activity happens at the center of the map. If you want a safe drop, the northeast corner is probably your best bet.

From the map, you can see that the action isn’t isolated to the center. Sure, it’s the most active, but Holly Hedges, Sweaty Sands, Retail Row, and Slurpy Swamp almost always have a few deaths per match.

These locations are probably more bus path-dependent than Pleasant, Salty, and Lazy, but they still get a ton of attention. Stealthy Stronghold – likely bolstered by the addition of Predator – can also be seen on the map.

This map doesn’t give us too much new information, but it’s interesting to see how much activity takes place in different areas of the map. Even the no man’s land of the Zero Point has more deaths than places like Steamy Stacks – the safest named POI in Season 5.

We’re interested in learning more about Fortnite trends as Lucas7Yoshi continues his research. So far, he’s compiled data for the most popular cosmetics to go along with his new death map.

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Fortnite Winter Trials event & rewards leaked

Epic Games quickly added and removed a webpage that revealed a new Fortnite event: Winter Trials. Here’s everything we know so far.



Epic Games released a new website, announcing the Fortnite Winter Trials. They have since removed the site, leading fans to believe it was leaked early.

Most of the time, when we’re discussing Fortnite leaks, we’re talking about data miners finding files in the game that relate to certain events, skins, etc. In rare cases, Epic let something slip a bit early. That’s what we have here.

On January 25, Epic released the Fortnite Winter Trials webpage, showcasing free rewards, an influencer tournament, community voting on events, and more.

The website was quickly removed after it was added, but data miner Hypex was able to record some of the contents before it went down.

The details of the event are still limited, but it appears as though players will be earning badges for logging in, voting for challenges, and playing Fortnite.

Over the course of the rest of the season, your playtime and badges will reward you with free cosmetics. Most of them are hidden, but we know about a spray, emoticon, and weapon wrap from the images on the website.

Fortnite Winter Trials rewards

We should see an official announcement of the event soon. Since Epic were the ones who jumped the gun, we expect to see them announce the event as soon as tomorrow – if not later tonight.

We’ll update this post when we learn more about the event, along with additional details on how to earn free cosmetics. Stay tuned.

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Fortnite tease new Drift Crew skins



Epic Games are dropping some cryptic hints relating to the iconic Drift character in Fortnite, and speculation suggests it’s all leading to a new Drift Crew skin.

On January 24, Epic Games posted a series of mysterious tweets, to get the community guessing.

Their first post referenced Drift directly, saying: “Drift? Drift. Come in. Do you read me?” A series of messages followed, asking for help – presumably Drift’s help.

The Fortnite account has since deleted the tweets, but here’s a screenshot of all of them from iFireMonkey.

Data miner HYPEX was quick to highlight that these teasers are almost certainly connected to the upcoming new Drift Skin, which appears to be a female version of the fan-favorite skin.

Fortnite Crew is the monthly subscription service, and it’s expected that this new Drift skin will be included in the February edition of the subscription rewards.

Fortnite Monthly Crew Pack
The Fortnite Crew subscription includes V-Bucks plus cosmetic rewards.

The subscription grants players each new Battle Pass, plus 1,000 V-Bucks, in addition to the cosmetic rewards.

We’ll have to wait and see confirmation about the new Drift skin as we put January in the rearview mirror and move into February.

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