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Fortnite Chapter 2: All Feats revealed



Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 1 is finally here and it has got some brand new challenges – called Feats – for players to try and tick off.

After the Black Hole event left everyone scratching their heads and asking when they’d be able to play Fortnite again, Chapter 2 finally went live on October 15.

The new chapter, which is in season one, has got a brand-new map, mechanics for swimming, new weapons, and a whole host of new cosmetics. Of course, there are also returning features too, with the most notable being challenges. There are still the classic Battle Pass challenges that help get new skins and level up for other rewards, but there are also new ones – Feats.

Thanks to popular dataminer iFireMonkey, who managed to get his hands on these feats amid the mad rush to leak any details about the new chapter, we now have an extensive list of things to tick off.

They do include things that you’ll tick off without knowing, and others like harvesting 999 Wood in a single match or being able to catch fish at different locations. Yet, there are a few that will take longer – just like reaching level 250 during Season 1 or catching the Mythic Goldfish.

While iFireMonkey kindly leaked the image, these challenges be found below in a much easier to read format:

Fortnite Chapter 2 feats

  • Use a bandage to heal yourself while in the storm
  • You’re a good doggo. Yes, you are!
  • Won a duos match during Season 1
  • Won a solo match during Season 1
  • Won a squads match during Season 1
  • Harvested 999 Wood in a single match
  • Harvested 999 Stone in a single match
  • Harvested 999 Metal in a single match
  • Landed on the new island for the first time
  • Used a Medkit while at 1 health
  • Eliminated an opponent who just opened a supply drop
  • Revive a knocked out teammate while in water
  • Just the worst
  • Destroyed 500 Holly Hedges
  • Took out your frustrations on 20 Fishstick restaurant decorations
  • Eliminated 235 opponents at Steamy Stacks
  • Gained 10,000 health or shield from Slurpy Swamp
  • Caught a fish off the Sweaty Sands pier
  • Eliminated an opponent in Dirty Docks within 60 seconds of jumping from the Battle Bus
  • Been droppin’ Salty
  • Won a solo match with at least 10 eliminations
  • Eliminated an opponent with a trap in Misty Meadows
  • Get revived inside the Frenzy Farm barn
  • You picked up a Common Pistol
  • Slurpfish contain 4,000% of your daily recommended toxic waste
  • Ate a Small Fry or a Flopper
  • Ate all the fish and two plastic lobsters
  • Eliminated an opponent with an SMG while in water
  • Won 10 solo matches during Season 1
  • Won 100 solo matches during Season 1
  • Won 10 duo matches during Season 1
  • Won 100 duo matches during Season 1
  • Won 10 squads matches during Season 1
  • Won 100 squads matches during Season 1
  • Won a Team Rumble match during Season 1
  • Won 100 Team Rumble matches during Season 1
  • Reached level 110 during Season 1
  • Reached level 250 during Season 1
  • Completed your first Season 1 mission
  • Completed all missions during Season 1
  • Caught a Mythic Goldfish
  • Eliminated an opponent with a Mythic Goldfish

These feats will fit right alongside the ‘New World’ missions that are available in-game, and task you with exploring the new map in order to tick off objectives.

There is a tonne of XP up for grabs from these missions, so don’t wait too long, it always helps to get a head start on your opponents.

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Fortnite brings back Port-A-Fort to the game in v21.20

Fortnite’s most ambitious device is back in the game and now works even in Zero Build. Here’s all about the return of Port-A-Fort



fortnite port a fort

Port-A-Fort has been in Fortnite since Chapter 1 and has been vaulted and unvaulted several times by the developers, depending upon the requirement of the item in-game. With the latest v21.20, the item is unvaulted once again for players to enjoy even in Zero Build to gain a massive gameplay advantage.

Fortnite consists of several items that the OG player base enjoyed back when the game was at its peak days. From Junk Rifts to Hoverboards, the community still misses those items from Chapter 1 and has been waiting ever since to be added back to the game.

While some items like Ballers, Traps, and Quadcrashers have returned to the game on a regular basis, items like Storm Flip, Junk Rifts, and Rocket Launchers have been left in the past. However, with the most recent v21.20 update, an item nobody expected to return was unvaulted and pros are loving it.

Port-A-Fort was unvaulted in a recent major Fortnite update where players who like to claim the high ground would once again be able to use it to their advantage. Not just that, the ones in Zero Build will also have an equal opportunity to experience the feel of the high ground as well.

Port-A-Fort gets unvaulted in Fortnite and Zero Build mode

A rather convenient device known for using “Zero Builds”, Port-A-Fort has been a favorite amongst the player base ever since Chapter 1 as sweats tend to use it to claim a high ground faster above their enemies and set traps for those who dare to enter their fort.

Moreover, the device helps players who are not good at building, gain a fair chance over those who are known for cranking speed 90s over their opponents and are quick with their edits. The return of Port-A-Fort was highly appreciated not just by new players but also by pros and veterans like SypherPK.

Sypher tweeted recently about how pleased he was with the unvaulting of Port-A-Fort and how it is a huge step for players who love to play Zero Build. Now they will have an equal opportunity to gain a high ground over their opponents and secure an easy Victory Royale.

However, in other news, the convenient item for builders is not available in competitive mode at the moment until further updates arrive. This might be due to several changes Epic is making with the competitive side of Fortnite which also might include the stability issues of the entire gameplay experience.

As players welcome back the classic Port-A-Fort back into the game, they seem unhappy about the addition of the new Charge SMG in the game. As far as SMGs go, this is not a favorable weapon to use when one engages in a sweaty situation while in a build fight or even in a fight inside your fort.

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Combat SMG removed from Fortnite in v21.20 and replaced with new Charge SMG

Epic Games have now replaced the Combat SMG with a new Charge SMG across all their game modes. Here’s all about the new weapon.



fortnite charge smg

Fortnite recently replaced one of its most used SMGs, the Combat SMG weapon with a more powerful Charge SMG in the latest v21.20 update. At a time when the SMG meta was going strong, this major move changed the opinions of the player base about the need for replacement.

The weapons meta in Fortnite Chapter 3 has evolved over time as players continue to discover new ways to use the overpowered weapons arsenal in their matches. With the disliking of Shotguns in this chapter, players have shifted their focus on choosing ARs and SMGs as preferred weapons in their loadout.

Back in Chapter 3 Season 1, players saw the potential in SMGs being overpowered in the game and developed a Pray and Spray meta to use them to lead themselves to a Victory Royale. The combination of an MK-Seven Assault Rifle and a Stinger SMG was mostly favored by the players as they went to combat against their opponents.

But with the launch of Chapter 3 Season 3, the Hammer Assault Rifle and Combat SMG were used in a similar fashion, although not as overpowering as its predecessor. However, in a recent update, Epic chose to replace the favored Combat SMG with a new Charge SMG that promises heavy damage and a stronger fire rate.

Charge SMG replaces Combat SMG in Fortnite v21.20

In a rather unexpected update, Fortnite chose to replace one of its most popular SMGs with a more powerful Charge SMG across all playlists. The weapon requires the player to hold down the fire button to charge the weapon similar to a Charge Shotgun and release a barrage of bullets upon their opponents.

The shorter the time the fire button is held, the smaller the duration of the fire barrage will be and vice versa. The weapon also has a cooldown rate similar to the Charge Shotgun which applies after a heavy fire barrage if the fire button is held down longer.

In addition to the update, Fortnite also tweeted that the Combat SMG has been removed from all playlists and has been vaulted indefinitely. However, the Charge SMG will not be available in the Competitive playlists until quite some time.

Looking at the above gameplay for the Charge SMG, pros and several players are already dissing the new weapon for its slower reload time and heavy recoil. The weapon takes too much time to charge the barrage and once released, cannot target an enemy faster than the Stinger SMG.

Pros like SypherPK, NickEh30, and TypicalGamer have all expressed their dislike of the weapon and would rather play with the Combat SMG than the new SMG added to the game. Apart from this major change, several map changes, unvaulting of Port-A-Fort, the addition of new movement mechanics in Save The World, and more were seen in the latest v21.20 update that the community sang praises of.

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Fortnite adds new movement mechanics to Save The World with v21.20 update

Finally Epic Games have added major updates to its PvE Save The World campaign with the latest v21.20 update. Here’s the latest on that.



Fortnite save the world promo image

After a long time finally, Fortnite’s PvE campaign Save the World receives major updates with v21.20 and players cannot be happier. It has been almost a year since the game received an update with the latest game mechanics and things are looking good for the game mode more than ever.

Save The World campaign has been around in Fortnite ever since its initial days. Some OG players would say that the game mode itself was the actual Fortnite and still is due to its originality in the storyline and the classic graphics it boasts.

During Chapter 2 of the Battle Royale game mode, players slowly parted ways with Save The World, once it came out of Early Access and was accessible to anyone who bought a special cosmetic pack from the Item Shop. As a result, Epic also stopped updating the game mode with the latest mechanics and features and instead shifted its focus to Battle Royale.

But ever since the launch of Chapter 3, when Epic decided to add animals to the PvE campaign, players were hoping to finally get some latest Sprint, Mantle, and Crouch mechanics to the game mode soon enough. Looks like the day has finally arrived and Epic has indeed added some major updates to the game mode.

Epic adds new Movement Mechanics to Save The World in the latest update

Save The World game mode has just received a major update in the form of the latest movement mechanics as Sprinting, Sliding, Mantling, Crouching, and Shoulder Bashing Doors gets added to it. Now players can use the latest movement mechanics they have been using in Battle Royale game mode in Save The World and fight the Husk Monsters in their own unique way.

Fortnite also posted some clips on their official blog alongside the Homebase Status report v21.20 of how players can use the Ninja hero in their loadout and climb greater heights by combining the mantle feature with a double jump.

In addition to these features, Epic also added Fennix as the next hero to enter the PvE campaign and has given a dedicated questline called Flight of the Fennix to the character. Players can now jump in the game and complete quests linked to Fennix to acquire the hero in their loadout and use its ferocious powers to Save The World.

As Epic continues to improve the stability of its Battle Royale and Creative game modes, it is surely pleasing to see that finally Save The World is receiving a similar treatment with major changes being made to improve its gameplay experience. Nevertheless, the player base speculates in the coming days the PvE will also receive the popular Overshield feature as they experience in Zero Build as well as some new weapons added to their loadout.

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