The Fortnite devs released a set of challenges that award the new P-1000 skin upon completion, but fans have been loving the Marvel-inspired trailer that came packaged with the announcement.

Epic Games are putting the final touches on Season 10, but there are still a few surprises in store for Fortnite fans as the developers are possibly teasing a major change to their popular battle royale in the next chapter of the game.

One such surprise came on September 27 when the game’s creators announced that Peely was making a return with a new skin. While the character design has an identity of its own, the trailer wasn’t shy about its loose connection shared with the Marvel cinematic universe.

Peely is getting an upgrade in Season 10. Credit: Epic Games

In a Reddit post, user ‘mariohr’ lined up the latest Fortnite trailer with scenes from the first Iron Man movie in the series. The comparison revealed Epic Games’ incredible tribute to the film that kicked off the MCU.

The scenes from both trailers essentially lineup frame-by-frame as Jonesy and Tony Stark can be seen hammering away to create a mechanical nightmare just before laying down an integral part of the suit on the table.

Emerging from the dark depths of a cave, both the Mark 1 Iron Man design along with the P-1000 can be seen confronting a band of anxious attackers before the machines unleash on the people in front of them.

P-1000 trailer and Iron Man 1 scene comparison side by side from r/FortNiteBR

The side-by-side was definitely appreciated by the game’s community who already experienced a couple of Marvel tie-in events on the battle royale island throughout the seasons.

In fact, the blatant homage to the Marvel masterpiece could be a signal of a new collaboration on the way. Earlier in the week, Fortnite’s Creative Director Donald Mustard changed his Twitter profile banner to feature Doctor Doom.

The Fortnite devs Twitter banner before it was changed to feature Batman and Catwoman. Credit: Donald Mustard Twitter via Comicbook

While Mustard is a major fan of things related to comic books, he’s also been known to be a main source of upcoming Fortnite teasers.

For example, in the lead up to Fortnite’s Batman event, Mustard set his location on Twitter to “Gotham,” the fictional city that the Caped Crusader protects nocturnally.

In either case, the Iron Man reference has been extremely popular among fans who can’t wait to see what Season 11 of Fortnite will bring.

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