Epic Games announced a new ‘Fortnite Championship Series’ coming to the game in Season 10.

The Fortnite World Cup will come to an end on July 28 with the Solos Finals, but Epic wants to ensure a strong future for Fortnite esports. During the event, SunD0wn came on stage to reveal a new competitive feature coming in Season 10.

The surprise reveal was for the Fortnite Championship Series which will make ‘every game matter’ in competitive Fortnite. We’ve got the first details of the new mode.

Fortnite Championship Series announced

After Game 3 of the Solos Finals, Epic wanted to give a small sneak peak at the future of Fortnite. Details on the Champion Series are still on the light side at this time. Check out the official announcement for yourself below:

A key complaint from competitive players throughout the past few months has been that certain matches don’t matter. For example, in order to complete Qualifier games, many players opted to eliminate themselves to get to the lobby faster.

With this new announcement, this looks to be changing and ‘every result’ will now have a significant impact.

Being named the “Championship Series” suggests that players will need to reach Champion League in Fortnite’s Arena mode. Other competitive upgrades may heading our way as well as teased by Epic in the clip. We eagerly look forward to seeing how Epic intends to expand competitive and allow for more variety & skill in matches.

No additional details have come out about this addition at this time. We’ll continue to report any Season 10 news as Epic continues to reveal tiny bits of the coming season.

It’s worth noting that they did not specifically say the words ‘Season 10’ which lends itself to the PS4 leak which showed the season being branded as Season X. We must say…it does have a nice ring to it.

How have you been enjoying the Fortnite World Cup event? It’s definitely been a massive event for esports and we hope to see Epic learn from any mistakes made. Things are looking up, that’s for sure.

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