Take a look at the Fortnite Champion Series Week 4 recap to find out who qualified, who won, and who will be moving on to the next round.

Wee 2 of the Fortnite Champion Series is in the books. This week’s qualifiers were shrouded in controversy, with teams missing points and being unable to complete all ten of their matches.

Still, many of the top pro players in each region made their way to the top. Here’s a recap of the top ten finishers in NA East, NA West, Europe, and Brazil.

NA East

The NA East region was dominated by the fan-favorite team of 72Hrs, CizLucky, Vivid and Chap. This team is comprised of some of the best individual Fortnite performers in the game. The cracked teenagers had to take a backseat, this time.

NA East is one of the most stacked regions in Fortnite, and you can tell by the names that make up the top ten. Several popular pros missed the cut, but fans of competitive Fortnite likely recognize most of the board, here.

NA West

Arkhram1x, Symetrical, Falconer, and Ghost Sean took home the Week 2 win and a qualification spot with a one-point victory over Rehx, Cented, EpikWhale, and Edgey.

The point drop-off after that is stark, with the third-place team scoring 28 fewer points than second place. This region is shaping up to be a little more top-heavy than some of the others we’ve seen.


RBK Ritz, Crue, Beehive, and Chapix 74 won the EU region by a whopping 64 points. The region’s favorite team of Mongraal, Wolfiez, BenjyFishy, and Nayte secured their first top-three finish of the competition but were blown out by the first-place team.

The most surprising element of this region comes in the wins column. The only team in the top-five to secure a victory were RBK Ritz, Crue, Beehive, and Chapix 74. Most of the points in this region came by way of elimination.


The team of Master GEMIDA, C9 DK, C9 Blackoutz and C9 Nicks took week two of the Brazilian FNCS qualifiers, just as they had in week one. They only won one of their six matches which means they generally outplaced the second-place team.

Two wins in a row positions them as an early frontrunner for the SA teams, although we saw how that turned out with Mongraal, Mitr0 and Benjy during the last FNCS.

Let us know who you’re picking to win the whole thing for your favorite region in the comments!

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