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Fortnite Champion Series loot trends revealed

Are you wondering what the pros are carrying when they compete in the Fortnite Champion Series? Find out here.



Are you wondering what the pros are carrying when they compete in the Fortnite Champion Series? Find out here.

Epic has always tried to make Fortnite a game of variety. There have been five different kinds of Assault Rifles alone throughout the previous ten seasons of the game.

In Chapter 2, Epic severely limited the number of guns in the game. Now, we have one SMG, one sniper, one pistol, two ARS, two shotguns, and one type of grenade.

image via epic games
Via: Epic Games

There is some variation when it comes to rarities – some players actually prefer the Blue Tac to the Purple Tac – but there is far less of it than there was in previous seasons.

High-level and professional players have different preferences in weapon loadouts, although they don’t vary as much as you might think. @1UpAnalytics posted a comprehensive analysis of the weapons used in the week 1 FNCS finals, showing what the squads preferred.

Via: @1UpAnalytics

As you can see, the traditional AR is much more popular than the burst. The 5.7% of people who carried the burst were likely all players who chose the AUG or couldn’t find a normal AR.

The shotgun selection is a bit more interesting. 66.6% of players preferred the Tac over the Pump, which appears to be the trend for Fortnite Chapter 2. It seems as though players preferred Purple or Gold Pump over the Tac in all rarities, however.

Nearly every squad had some grenades, averaging 8.9 per team. Epic recently nerfed the number of grenades you could carry, so this number should go down in future tournaments.

Not as many players carried an SMG as you might expect – especially considering the classic Pump-SMG combo. Only 24.3% of players with a Pump also used an SMG.

Most teams had at least one sniper, but these obviously weren’t a must-have item. @1UpAnalytics also posted some information about what teams used for healing in the FNCS.

Healing items will always be a top priority for squads. The 50/50 split on the Bandage Bazooka is exactly what Epic wants to see. It’s perfectly balanced: a powerful healing item with the trade-off of sacrificing two inventory slots.

Most teams had some fish in their inventory as well. Mini Shields are as popular as ever while Big Pots remain difficult to find. Most players use them when they have them – especially in squads.

Is this breakdown close to what you would think it would be? Let us know in the comments.


How to collect books from Holly Hedges and Sweaty Sands

The Fortnite Season 5 Week 7 challenges are available. Here’s how to collect books from Holly Hedges and Sweaty Sands.



The Fortnite Season 5 Week 7 challenges are live. Here’s a guide to the most difficult challenge: collecting books from Holly Hedges and Sweaty Sands.

Epic have been taking it easy on us this season, with only a handful of weekly challenges requiring us to search the map for specific items.

Unfortunately, the Season 5 Week 7 challenges include one of these, requiring you to collect books in Sweaty Sands and Holly Hedges. We did the leg work for you so you can get back to grabbing Victory Royales.

Fortnite Holly Hedges & Sweaty Sands book locations

There are three books in each location, but you only need to find five of them. Since Sweaty and Holly are near one another, you can easily complete this challenge in a single game of Team Rumble.

The book locations are as follows:

Holly Hedges

  • Ground floor of the yellow house in the northwest
  • The tall building in the southeast corner
  • The building in the northeast corner (dog house)

Sweaty Sands

  • The building next to the RV park
  • The bookshelf inside the tall apartment building
  • The building in the southeast corner
Fortnite book locations

Again, Team Rumble is the best way to complete this challenge if you want to get it out of the way. Of course, you can always land at these locations in a normal match, but that’s only making it more difficult for yourself.

You can take a look at the full list of Season 5 Week 7 challenges here. We’ll be back next week with another guide to all of the weekly challenges.

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How to get the free Surf Strider bundle in Fortnite

Intel has partnered with Fortnite to bring a free Surf Strider bundle to their customers. Here’s how to claim it.



Fortnite is no stranger to platform-specific skin bundles, but it’s no secret that some platforms have gotten more love than others. PlayStation has several exclusive Fortnite skins with more on the way, while Xbox only has one or two.

PC players have been able to unlock some exclusive skins, but only if they have the right hardware. Epic have partnered with companies like Nvidia to offer their customers free Fortnite skins, but AMD never got any love.

This time around, it’s Intel CPU owners on PC who are able to grab an exclusive Fortnite skin. Epic and Intel announced their partnership and a free Surf Strider bundle – including the skin, pickaxe and glider.

As the promotional image says, this bundle is only available for PC players who have Intel Core processors. This means that PC players who have AMD processors are out of luck, in this instance.

Unlocking the bundle is a lot like unlocking all of the other brand-specific Fortnite cosmetics that have come before. You’ll need to visit the Intel website at, create an account, and link it with your Epic Games account.

From there, the Intel Page will run a test to ensure that your PC is eligible and award you with the skin. Here’s a video from data miner, Hypex, on how to complete the process.

The website appears to be down at the time of writing and seemed to be that way this past weekend, as well – ever since this promotion became widespread news. This is likely because so many Fortnite players are trying to claim their free skin bundle.

The promotion is set to last until February 2021, so you have plenty of time to claim the skin – even if it takes the website a full week to recover. We’ll keep this post updated when the website begins to pick up again.

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Fortnite leak points to a buffed Flare Gun returning

The Flare Gun has been buffed in the Fortnite game files, suggesting that its return could be around the corner.



Fortnite leak shows buffed Flare Gun

The Flare Gun was Fortnite’s first step towards the fire-filled gameplay that we have in Season 4. In Season 3, Epic introduced the Flare Gun to fit with the “stranded” flood theme of the map and Battle Pass. Later, they introduced the ability to set structures on fire and a new item to do just that: the Firefly Jars.

Environmental fires were cited among the reasons Epic swapped to the new physics engine in the first place. Season 4 seems to have capatalized on these new effects, adding Doom’s Mystical Bomb and other ways to set your surroundings on fire.

With the introduction of Season 3, however, Epic removed the Flare Gun from the game. It wasn’t the most popular item in the rotation, but it still provided some handy utility in the form of marking players in the surrounding area. Still, most of the time, players would pick it up, shoot a shot to see if anyone was around, drop it, and move on.

According to data miner Mang0e, we may not have seen the last of the Flare Gun in Fortnite. The item has undergone some changes in the game files, buffing the duration of marked enemies to 15 seconds.

This isn’t the largest buff in the world but it will make the item more viable. The Flare Gun wasn’t very useful when it came to dealing damage, so buffing the utility of the gun could influence more people to carry it.

There wasn’t anything wrong with the original Flare Gun in Fortnite – you’d be hard-pressed to see too many people complaining about it. The weakness of the gun still seems to be there, however. It doesn’t take ammo, so you’ll be stuck with ten charges – similar to the Harpoon Gun.

Adding ammo to the Flare Gun might throw it out of balance, so this might be the most significant buff that Epic can add – within reason. Either way, it would seem that the Flare Gun could be making a return. We can guess that we’ll see it as early as Fortnitemares or as late as Season 5.

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