The lightsaber may have left Fortnite, but this Chainsaw concept is one way to keep the best part of the weapon in the game.

Today, January 7, marks the end of the Fortnite X Star Wars crossover. The Stormtroopers have packed up and taken the lightsabers with them – likely never to be seen again.

Lightsabers were a mixed bag in Fortnite. They made for some cool plays, but a lot of players hated the bug-prone sabers that had enemies lagging and teleporting between swings.

The lightsabers weren’t universally hated, however. A lot of players liked the change of pace they provided. Even those who didn’t use a lightsaber in combat were fans of the farming rate they provided. You could cap your materials relatively quickly, making them worth carrying.

What if we could have the farming rate of a lightsaber without the buggy combat mechanics? That’s what Reddit use u/Max_illa has proposed in a recent post to the r/FortniteBR subreddit.

Via: u/Max_illa

The proposed Chainsaw would gather materials as the lightsaber did. It should deal some damage as well – 30 or 50 seems like a balanced number.

Adding a chainsaw to Fortnite for fast farming isn’t a new concept. Fans have been proposing the idea for over a year. The new lightsaber gave us a quick and balanced farming rate to draw from, though, making this concept more realistic.

The post has since been removed by the subreddit’s moderators – possibly because it’s been mentioned before or because of the scantily-clad lady in the thumbnail. Either way, it’s an interesting thought.

Since we have the Bandage Bazooka, it would also be worth considering whether or not this item should take up two inventory slots. Players would still carry it until they max-out on materials, so I think it would be worth it.

What do you think about an item that makes Fortnite farming easier? Did you like the farming rate of the lightsaber? Let us know in the comments.

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