A newly discovered bug in Fortnite Battle Royale makes the bush a whole lot weaker by not allowing players to farm resources.

Unexpected bugs pop up in most games after updates and Fortnite is no different, with new glitches and bugs constantly being discovered.

An interesting and fairly impactful bug was found on September 19, as Reddit user Widowshypers shared that he wasn’t able to farm resources after equipping the bush.

Bushes allow players to hide in plain sight. Credit – Epic Games.

He shared a short clip of the bug where he was able to farm normally, then equipped the bush and was unable to gain more resources, even though it seemed like he was able to make contact with multiple objects.

Everything else seemed to be fine as the player could sprint around and build, however, hitting objects with his pickaxe had no effect.

Widowshypers also shared some more details in the comments, stating that some objects are still farmable but require the player to be incredibly close to them and others, including player built structures, can’t be broken at all.

This bug has a pretty big impact on the bush as players can’t gain resources while being sneaky, and may even have to go out of their way to take damage to remove the bush.

The Bush allows players to blend in as part of the landscape should they choose to hide from opponents, and can also take the damage from the first bullet fired by enemies on target, perhaps giving you an extra second to respond before losing HP.

If you’re playing Fortnite, you may want to avoid the bush altogether, or at least make sure you’re stocked up on resources before putting on the disguise!

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