Fortnite players have discovered a glitch with the newly added Sneaky Snowman item which allows players to shoot whilst (mostly) hidden.

It wouldn’t be a Fortnite update without new bugs, right? The new Sneaky Snowman item was intended to give player a sense of stealth, replacing the not-so-popular Bush.

Unfortunately, a rather easy to execute bug has been discovered which allows players to shoot while within the Snowman, giving them an unfair advantage against opponents.

Is that snowman closer than it was a second ago? Sneak around the map and surprise enemies in a frosty new way.

Originally brought to attention by YouTuber BCC Trolling, the above video shows players just how to accomplish said exploit and demonstrates its effectiveness.

While we do not condone the use of exploits which give players an unfair advantage, here is a written description of the glitch process for the sake of clarity.

  • Place and stand near a wall
  • Toss a Sneaky Snowman at the wall
  • Equip your pickaxe and destroy the wall
  • If done correctly the player will now be able to swap weapons and shoot without leaving the Snowman

This exploit does give players an unfair advantage, however it is important to note that the barrel of most weapons will clip through the Snowman giving away the player within.

Epic Games has yet to acknowledge this bug, though it’s likely to be fixed in the near future via an update, stay tuned.