Many people’s earliest gaming memories involved some sort of massive intimidating boss.

Whether it was swinging Bowser into floating bombs at the end of Super Mario 64, running raids on Ragnaros in WoW or navigating a massive stone creature in God of War, bosses are a key part of many games.

While video games have changed a lot over the years moving towards PvP instead of building massive AI challenges, Fortnite is the type of unique game that could incorporate a boss battle.

We know that Epic loves to push the envelope with Fortnite and what is possible in the game. Doing a full-scale boss battle where the lobby unites against an enemy would be new for a BR and would be a really interesting event.

Why Boss Battles in Fortnite could actually happen

While this article is mostly speculation towards the future, there are a couple clues that lead me to believe this is more than just a pipe dream.

First is Epic’s continued use of the massive damage bar that ticks across all servers. It started with the iceberg in Season 6 and continued with the runes in Season 7.

A trial for something bigger?

These events that require players across all the different servers to contribute something are interesting ways to move the story along, but they also could be trial runs for something else.

The first time this was incorporated, it was just damage to a stationary object. With the runes, they had them move as they took damage or required people to feed things to the volcano or move objective point.

Eventually this could be building to a monster in the middle of the map that people need to band together to take down.

Different stages of the battle would keep things interesting and not super grindy, and uniting the player base against an in-game enemy would be a good thing for Fortnite.

How would a boss battle work?

This would have to be an LTM unless Epic really just wanted to mess with competitive players by introducing a boss during the World Cup. That might be the only thing that could top the Infinity Blade in outrage.

The good ole days

A boss battle in Fortnite would be a unique event. While games like WoW have allowed groups of people to fight against a common enemy, doing a battle across worldwide servers has never been done before.

The logistic side obviously poses the most issues, but tracking damage would be the hardest part, and that is something they have already been working on.

For boss attacks, they could happen at regular intervals and be devastating blows that are tough to avoid. Fortnite players would act more like soldiers getting in chip damage before being taken down than traditional heroes we are used to playing as in other games.

A variety of challenges could be required to do damage. Needing damage from a certain weapon to a certain spot, requiring a certain amount of players to do the same thing at once, or having players scatter to different points on the map would all be interesting challenges to move the event along.

For most games, this wouldn’t seem likely. But we are talking about a game that held an EDM concert in-game, has done massive votes to bring back weapons, and has already brought one of the most notorious villains from pop culture in Thanos into the game.

Just make a massive Thanos the boss

If any game could do it, it would be Fortnite. What do you think?

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