Season 10 has brought new in-game items, a host of map changes and ruck of new cosmetics for players to get their hands. In order to access the latter, you’ll need to complete some of the season’s challenges, and this week’s set will have you ‘getting your boogie on!’

As part of the normal challenge set, you’ll simply have to land at the oversized piano, located just east of Lonely Lodge.

The piano is located north of abandoned superhero hideout. Credit: Epic Games.

Nonetheless, the prestige version of the challenge is not as straightforward as simply landing in the location and walking away one-step closer to the SC3PT3R pickaxe and Formal White Y0ND3R skin. 

As part of the prestige challenge set, you’ll find yourself needing to play the music sheet that is located just in front of the grand instrument. Those of you who aren’t too familiar with the instrument, there’s only one octave to work with and (thankfully) everything is labelled for us on the music sheet. 

The keys are displayed on the music sheet, just in front of the giant piano. Credit: Epic Games.

The difficult part of the challenge is that you’ll be required to play the notes in the order on the sheet, so be sure to avoid the erroneous neighboring notes, either by jumping off the piano after hitting each note or strafe jumping your way from one note to the next. 

As the sheet displays, you’ll need to play the following keys: “C-E-G-E-C”, in that sequential order — ensuring that you only use the keys on the leftmost side of the oversized piano. If you’ve successfully completed the challenge, a tune will play shortly afterwards

This somewhat onerous task will need to be completed during a match, so be prepared to meet others looking to reap the rewards of this week’s prestige challenges, meaning that you just might have to dip and dodge while hitting those notes!