While the BRUTEs in Season 10 do have a few counters, the Boogie Bomb currently features a glitch which makes it an ineffective choice.

Epic Games has decided to keep BRUTE mechs in Season X despite the community’s massive backlash. Players & influencers have even started playing other titles like Apex Legends & Minecraft in protest.

One of the main arguments for keeping the BRUTE is that the vehicle has some “counters.” However, the Boogie Bomb’s direct counter to the mech has now been outdone due to a painfully broken glitch.

Boogie Bomb ineffective against BRUTEs due to bug

The BRUTEs may be all-powerful and feature deep health pools along with easy to use mechanics, but they do have weaknesses. Key among these is the Boogie Bomb. The item can be used, when thrown accurately, to eject players from the mech. In theory, this should cause them to dance for the allotted five seconds.

Unfortunately, due to a v10.10 bug, the Boogie Bomb counter can severely backfire. A Reddit video from user ‘KingKva’ perfectly demonstrates the bug in action.

Excuse me, what? from r/FortNiteBR

We’ll admit that we burst out laughing the first time we watched the clip. The player simply could not believe that the main counter to the BRUTE had just failed in front of their eyes.

In addition, the player flying out of the mech got their weapon up nearly instantaneously. The Boogie Bomb is supposed to serve as the only ultimate counter to the BRUTE, but at the moment it has a chance of giving the players a clean exit into free kills.

More disturbingly, after some testing online, we found that this glitch does not happen always. From what we can see, the bug occurs fairly randomly. This means you’ll still want to carry Boogie Bombs into end-games, but you should be careful as the mech players might not enter the dancing stun effect.

This wouldn’t be an horrific glitch if the BRUTE wasn’t a complete and utter domination machine to begin with. The bug gives it yet another advantage in fights as players will be forced to play without the certainty of a counter tactic.

Now, even if the Boogie Bomb worked properly, the counter is still inadequate. In order to land a bomb, you’ll need to get fairly close and the mech can easily one shot you through shields. In many ways, this is by design as Epic has stated they want to the mech to be a pathway for lower skill players into victories.

Epic Games has not made any statements regarding this bug as of writing. We’ll continue update you on any developments as well as incoming patch news.