Epic Games have been retooling a ton of aspects in Fortnite to get newer players accustomed to the game, and a Battle Train could be a great addition.

Season 10 of the battle royale has brought in a ton of controversial decisions to the game, like the BRUTE Mechs and cross-platform skill-based matchmaking. But the devs have been slowly gaining back ground with their fans as they gear up for Season 11.


But never a fan base to leave the devs hanging dry, the Fortnite community routinely create some incredible concepts for Epic Games to mull over to see if it has a place in the popular battle royale.

A reimagined take to the Battle Bus could add an intriguing dynamic to the Fortnite island. Credit: Epic Games

In a Reddit post, user ‘8BitMemes’ revealed their concept for The Battle Train, which would improve mobility for players looking to rotate to another part of the map while having loot at their disposal.

The Battle Train would reconfigure the Battle Bus to lead the makeshift locomotive around the edges of the map, stopping at different Points of Interests (POIs).

Moreover, there are three different accessible parts of the train: 1st Class train car that is “loaded with chests,” a Passenger cart that contains various ammo boxes, and a Cargo car at the end which is “filled with material pallets.”

There would also be select regions on the map where the train would cut through mountains with the help of tunnels scattered throughout the island.

Proposal for a Train transport system. from r/FortNiteBR

While the idea seems inspired by the train in Apex Legends World’s Edge map, the concept seems to have been tailored around the lack of transports that the user has noticed since the devs vaulted a few in-game items.

“They vaulted almost every mode of transport though,” 8BitMemes said in reply to someone noting that there’s already enough mobility items in Fortnite. “The only 2 left are drift boards and a couple scattered rifts. Even BRUTEs are gone.”

Though the addition of a train to facilitate mobility could come at a price, seeing as it’ll deal “heavy damage” for anyone hit with the sharp pilot at the front of the train.

It already looks like Fortnite is gearing up for major changes in the next season, so an active train speeding across the battle royale map wouldn’t be a bad idea.

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