Ever since the human rock formation at Wailing Woods began to move, fans began to speculate that it was headed to reunite with its partner, which finally happened on May 1!

We first reported that the rock formation in Wailing Woods was beginning to move back in December 2018.

There was another formation near Tomato Temple, which began to fuel a fan theory that the male and female rock figures were attempting to reach each other.

Finally, on May 1, the male and female figures reunited at the Volcano near Lazy Lagoon.

A picture uploaded by FNBRHQ on Twitter shows both formations sharing a seat on the edge of the volcano while the male gives the female a pink flower.

With Season 9 approaching next week on May 9, there is a theory that the volcano will erupt and change the geography of Fortnite’s current map.

Some leaks suggest that some of Fortnite’s fan-favorite locations might be getting destroyed in Season 9.

It would be a bittersweet story to see the rock couple finally unite only to be covered in magma and volcanic ash.

Could the rock couple be Fortnite Battle Royale’s modern-day Romeo and Juliet love story?

For now, we can bask in the love until we see what Epic has in store for Fortnite Battle Royale Season 9.