June 18’s Fortnite v9.30 update saw map changes to some of the player’s most beloved locations, and we have highlighted them below.

Fortnite Battle Royale had an in-game event back on May 4 during Season 8 that bought tons of map changes to a few of Fortnite’s most popular locations.

Tilted Towers and Retail Row were both slammed with Volcanic rocks which resulted in each city being destroyed.

Season 9 bought the re-haul of Tilted Towers which turned into Neo Tilted, and Retail Row being redesigned into Mega Mall.

With the end of Season 9 approaching, players have been waiting to see what Epic has in store for next season, and on June 18 more clues were dropped.

In addition to map changes, some locations were given a different look in order to prepare for the upcoming rumored Fortnite event.

With update v9.30 there were map changes to Loot Lake, Pleasant Park, and Paradise Palms.

Pleasant Park

There has been significant damage to Pleasant Park’s house 5408, but we aren’t sure what has caused it.

We suspect it is the monster that has escaped from Polar Peak, but there is no evidence to support our theory.

Even though most of the structure has been turned into debris, there is still a possibility for a chest spawn in the garage.

House 5408 in Pleasant Park has been destroyed.

Loot Lake

Season 8’s unvaulting event took place at Loot Lake where mysterious runes opened the huge metal door in the middle of the ever-changing location.

On June 18, the exterior of the metal door which consisted of some buildings and construction material was smashed as well.

The destruction at Loot Lake’s observatory was the most severe with the two metal tubes becoming bent and smashed. Trucks and other materials have been seemingly mushed into the ground.

What can possibly bend metal tubes in Fortnite?

John Wick house

2019’s favorite assassin, John Wick, was implemented into the game in the beginning of Season 9 with the addition of his house near Paradise Palms and a special in-game event titled ‘Wick’s Bounty’.

Update v9.30 saw a bit of an upgrade to his property as a couple solar panels were added. Nothing on the interior has been changed, so you can proceed normally.

John Wick wanted to save on his energy bill.

Summertime upgrades

Some locations around Fortnite have received an appearance upgrade as we prepare for the rumored ’14 Days of Summer’ event.

There are yellow and orange picnic umbrellas littered all around the map along with a few multi-colored beach balls.

Near Paradise Palms, the lagoon area has a few beach chairs laid out along with balloons. It looks like a party we would like to be invited to!

With Season 9 ending in just about three weeks, we are excited to see what Epic Games has in store for us.

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