Another week, another Fortnite update. This one will probably be lighter compared to recent weeks.

That may be wrong though because this update was actually changed from being a Content Update to changing the build of the game. So apparently there is no new content update and we get this instead.

The upcoming v9.21 update is coming in tomorrow, June 12th and downtime for it will begin at 4 AM ET (0800 UTC).

Now the question is why did Epic change the update from being a content update to a true update?

What to expect in Fortnite Battle Royale update v9.21

We know at least one item being introduced to the game tomorrow. That is the new explosive ‘Proximity Launcher.’

Based on the real-life weapon it is modeled after and the blurb below it on the news site, the best guess for this weapon is it allows you to mark an area on the map and detonate an explosive.

You may be able to choose when it detonates or it might just be a set time. It definitely does seem powerful with the best comparison to it being a Boom Bow.

But that addition makes sense for a Content Update, and doesn’t explain the change.

Having downtime for the update means that new files are going to be added into the back end. Those may just be cosmetic or they may be for the upcoming event with the monster under Polar Peak.

Having downtime also makes it marginally more likely that a weapon or vehicle may be vaulted during this update, but that’s really just a toss up.

With the celebrity pro-am coming up this weekend, Epic wants weapons in the game that are easy and fun to use by inexperienced players.

Athletes and musicians aren’t going to get a ton of kills in a perfectly skill based game but they could compete with broken explosives.

I don’t expect any changes to improve competitive integrity until after this weekend, and even then it is a toss up.

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