The official release time for the latest content update in Fortnite Battle Royale has come out.

As has been the case with recent updates, this one will take place at 8 AM ET (1200 UTC) on the morning of Wednesday, May 29th.

Their will be no downtime for this update so you can drop in immediately with the new Burst SMG.

For all the details on the new weapon being added, check out these leaks for the stats and even some gameplay.

We aren’t sure what else will go down tomorrow, but an update or change to the new eye that appeared on the map seems likely.

This will probably be similar to the slowly melting ice around Polar Peak during Season 7, with small changes happening every couple of days.

We have already seen cracking in the ice and earthquakes around the mountain. All of these clues have led people to theorize that an upcoming Godzilla crossover is on the way.

Godzilla: King of the Monsters releases on May 31st and would follow Epic’s trend of bringing a movie into Fortnite that has worked so well with John Wick and The Avengers.

With this being the final update before the movie officially releases, there could be a some important files added to the back end, which the Fortnite leak community will surely sniff out.

Unfortunately, with no downtime, that usually means that we won’t have a massive dump of files coming tomorrow.

What do you think will happen in this update besides the Burst SMG being added? Any nerfs or vaults you want to see?

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