Bugs and glitches have been plaguing Fortnite Battle Royale, and with the World Cup Qualifiers being underway, players have been begging for a patch.

Epic Games has been under tons of scrutiny lately due to recent changes implemented to Fortnite Battle Royale, like removing the siphon mechanic and restricting competitive players to native resolution.

There are no signs of Epic reverting these changes, as players continue to slam the developer with a simple message: Revert.

Ghost audio glitch

A few threads within the Fortnite BR subreddit began to gain traction after users began posting about numerous issues within Fortnite Battle Royale, like audio bugs and trap glitches.

One annoying glitch, the ghost audio bug, has been around since v8.30, where players reported to hearing gun swaps when nobody was around.

IMG: /r/FortniteBR

According to MrPopo, Epic will be patching the bug with the v8.50 update slated to arrive on April 23 or 24.

Trap placement glitch

Players have been running to a glitch where spike traps would place in the middle tile instead of the selected wall.

Enemies then could avoid the trap, and sometimes even walk right past a spike trap without it deploying.

IMG: /r/FortniteBR

MrPopo claims that this glitch will be fixed with update v8.50, as well.

Weapon pickup changes

MrPopo confirmed that weapon pickup changes are coming with v8.50, especially for the “hold to swap” feature.

IMG: /r/FortniteBR

According to his post, “starting in v8.50, weapon pickup is now on the release of the Use button, rather than on the initial press.”

We expect more updates and changes to be included in the v8.50 patch which is expected to drop on April 23 or 24.

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