Every day of Fortnite Season 9 unlocks a new Fortbyte, which are only available to Battle Pass users through challenges that are location-based.

There are 100 Fortbytes that create the mysterious Fortnite Battle Royale Season 9 Fortbyte image.

Each byte can be decrypted by finding each individual item via location-based challenges.

Every byte has a tiny hint that points players to it’s location on the Fortnite map.

June 9’s byte, 65, can be “found in a basement budget movie set”.

Fortbyte #65 location

For this byte, players do not need to equip a specific skin, emote, or spray unlike Fortbyte #51.

Byte #65 can be located in one of the houses outside of Shifty Shafts.

The specific house players need to locate is the structure with a basement, pictured below.

IMG: InTheLittleWood

Once players head into the basement, the byte will be sitting against the back wall near a metal equipment box.

If you are still having difficulty locating byte 65, you can follow the walkthrough video by InTheLittleWood.

For those who are looking to unlock the rest of the available Fortbytes for Season 9, check out our hub.

Have you unlocked the rest of the available bytes? What do you think the image is hinting at?

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