Data miners were able to dig into Fortnite v9.10’s files in order to find Week 3 and 4’s loading screens, and we have them for you!

Every season of Fortnite Battle Royale has an underlying theme and season-long challenges, and Season 9 is based around ‘Utopia’, or a futuristic Fortnite.

Every loading screen includes a hint on where to find the secret Battle Star or banner, which will unlock once players complete every challenge for that week.

Puppies and sand

Two loading screens were leaked for Fortnite Season 9 – Week 3 and Week 4, respectively.

Thanks to FireMonkey, we have both loading screens which hint at new cosmetics headed to Fortnite Battle Royale.

Week 3’s loading screen features a new dog skin sitting on a concrete barrier while a group of puppies surrounds him.

IMG: FireMonkey

The secret battle star for week 3 can be found amongst the graffiti along the concrete wall.

Week 4’s loading screen showcases drones, which were added in the v9.10 update.

IMG: FireMonkey

The next set of weekly challenges will unlock on May 23, as week 3 challenges will be live and available for players to complete.

Once players complete all challenges for each week, they will unlock a loading screen which will give them a hint for the location of the secret battle star or banner.

Fortnite Battle Royale week 4 will begin on May 30, and week 5 will begin on June 6, unless Epic Games changes the schedule.

If you are waiting for week 3 challenges to unlock, check out the Fortnite x Jordan event and LTM!

The Fortnite x Jumpman event was announced on May 21, with a whole new LTM for players to enjoy that will offer exclusive cosmetic items.

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