Epic Games has released an exhilarating cinematic trailer for Season 9. The trailer shows off some of the map changes, skins, and other content that players can experience in the new season.

Season 9 has begun and the trailer for the new season has been released by Epic Games.

As usual, the trailer displays content from the season 9 pool in a cinematic and entertaining fashion.

Season 9 Cinematic Trailer

Epic Games released the latest seasonal trailer via the official Fortnite Twitter account. This marks the beginning of the new season and a whole new slew of content for all players.

In addition to the Season 9 trailer, Epic Games has released the official patch notes for the update. These include details on bug fixes, weapon changes, and more.

The trailer is meant to be a quick representation of the content that players can expect from Season 9. While the trailer does not cover absolutely everything the new patch has to offer, it can give you a good idea of Epic’s direction for the season.

For those that closely follow Fortnite’s storyline, the trailer also fills in the gaps between Season 8’s end and the beginning of Season 9.

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