Epic Games has released the official time & date for patch v10.10 following a delay due to problems with its deployment.

Patch v10.10 received a delay on August 12 as Epic Games reported having problems with the patch’s content. However, those problems seem to have been solved as of now. Epic Games has now unveiled the official release time for the patch.

The patch’s content has been primarily kept under wraps, but we do know that a new Rift Zone will (presumably) arrive at Mega Mall.

Fortnite Battle Royale Patch v10.10 release time

Players can look forward to the arrival of another content package coming their way on August 14. Epic Game announced the new schedule for v10.10 on August 13 after earlier complications.

Patch v10.10 will arrive on August 14 at 1AM EST/4AM EST. We don’t yet know the size of the patch file, but don’t expect anything massive. These in-season updates generally weigh in at about 3 to 5 gigabytes (GBs). Only the major season start patches get into the double-digits.

With that said, we do anticipate the arrival of the new Rift Zone at Mega Mall. This may include various new assets that will requires large file sizes. Tilted Town, added to the game about a week ago, brought with it an entirely new POI in place of Neo Tilted. We’re still unsure whether or not Rift Zones will revert to their original forms after the next one is released.

As with Tilted Town, we’ll release a full breakdown of all aspects of new Rift Zone location upon its arrival.

No significant leaks have come out about other content as of now. Epic Games has been sure to tighten up their file structure using harder to break encryption protocols. B.R.U.T.E. changes are expected to arrive in order to mitigate the power of the mech marginally.

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