Data-miners have uncovered a ‘Proximity Grenade Launcher in the Fortnite Battle Royale v9.20 update files.

Released on Thursday, June 6, the v9.20 Fortnite update included a slew of new changes and information regarding the remaining weeks of Season 9.

While the update included the new ‘Storm Flip’ device, various balancing changes, and the Hunting Rifle being vaulted, data-miners were hard at work looking into the update files for future additions.

One of the most notable finds was that of the ‘Proximity Grenade Launcher’ which could be the newest explosive addition to Fortnite BR.

According to Storm Shield One, the Proximity Grenade Launcher will be available in Epic and Legendary rarities, however, it is still unknown if this weapon will be added to Battle Royale, or if it will be a Save The World exclusive.

The Epic Proximity Grenade Launcher will deal 67 damage and have a 3.0s reload time, while the Legendary rarity will deal 70 damage with a 2.84s reload time.

L/R: Damage, Fire Rate, Magazine, and Reload Time – via Storm Shield One

These stats are a tad underwhelming when compared to other Fortnite Launchers, so we may need to wait and see how this weapons will be the most effective in-game.

At the time of writing, it is unknown if, or when, the Proximity Grenade Launcher will be added to Fortnite Battle Royale.

Some community members have questioned whether or not its addition would be a sign that other launchers might be vaulted, although, it is hard to say at this time.

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