With Patch v3.3.0, some new files were added to the game hinting at a possible upcoming replay or theater mode for Fortnite Battle Royale. A new ‘Replay’ folder was added to the sounds directory, including a number of audio files for your standard playback controls:

Along with this a new ‘Replay Browser’ was added to the UI, hinting that we’ll be able to browse through multiple replays from inside the game:

If this isn’t enough proof, the following icons were added to a new ‘Replay’ folder (originally white, converted for easy viewing):

The names of these buttons (pictured below) indicate that we’ll be able to take screenshots, toggle UI, view target info and more using the replay feature.

As usual, none of this is official or confirmed. This information is speculation based on the files found inside the game, though datamining has proved countless times to be an accurate source of upcoming content, so it’s pretty likely!