Every day there are dozens of Fortnite concepts uploaded to social media every day, especially to the FortniteBR subreddit, and we have decided to pick our favorites from the week!

Fans from around the world love to drawn and design their own cosmetic concepts for Fortnite Battle Royale, with some even making the cut and earning a spot in the game.

An 8 year old’s design was implemented by Epic Games.

We went through social media through the last week in order to show off our favorite Fortnite concepts from around the world:

90s Aesthetic Wrap

Most 90s kids remember the nostalgic design that was on almost every paper plate and cup.

User easkate posted his wrap concept that would include the blue and purple design, along with an in-game render.

The wrap would cover the body of the gun while the stock would be teal blue and the gun’s barrel would be white.

Twitch Prime Set

Several games have received a special Twitch Prime set like Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 and Fortnite.

IMG: Listo473

/u/Listo473 posted his graphic which shows off his concept creation for a new Fortnite Twitch Prime set which includes a skin and pick axe.

The skin consists of a male character donning a purple faux hawk, a grey sweater, grey camo pants, a purple belt, and other purple details.

The pickaxe would be made of a black metal with a purple ribbon wrapping across the head and handle.

Steamworks Set

Some concepts take inspirations from other games or works of art, like Recade15’s Steamworks set.

The Steamworks set takes inspiration from the steam punk style that has been seen in other games like the Bioshock series.

This set would include a skin and back bling, all modeled based off the steampunk style.

The skin seems to be made out of brown leather with different cogs and gears lining the male’s suit, however, the character has a robotic left arm.

Recade15’s back bling concept, “Refined Wings”, would be crafted out of old bones to create a historical wing design that looks based off of
Pterosaur dinosaurs.

Have you seen any other concepts you think deserve to be on the list?

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