July 17 saw the release of Fortnite Battle Royale patch v9.40 which bought a few map changes to notable locations and we have highlighted them for you below.

Fortnite Battle Royale patches usually include adjustments to different locations, and that remains the same with July 17’s 9.40 patch.

The biggest change that has come with the patch has been the construction completion of the giant robot in Pressure Plant.

Of course, there are other subtle changes that players might not notice at first glance.

Here are all the map changes from the v9.40 patch:

Pressure Plant

It has taken almost the entirety of Fortnite Season 9 to complete the giant robot, but it is now finally complete.

The construction of the mecha robot is complete!

The giant robot is constructed out of different Fortnite-themed parts. Everybody who is a Fortnite fan should immediately notice the Cuddle Leader head placed on top of the giant mecha-bot, with its body also being pink like the popular skin.

Rex-themed Fortnite robot arm.

Its right arm looks to be themed after the Rex skin, with green paint and orange spike poking from the dinosaurs head.

The robot’s foot size is definitely intimidating.

Finally, the left foot is dedicated to Fortnite’s infamous Durr Burger mascot while the right’s design is motived by Tomato Temple.

Fatal Fields

One of Fortnite’s original locations saw the smallest change, but it is certainly worth noting.

The incomplete tower outside of Fatal Fields saw the addition of another story and one chest spawn.

Hopefully, the rumored battle between the robot and the mysterious monster won’t destroy the building!

Rock Family

Last but not least, the Stone Family has moved further apart.

Let’s hope they don’t fall!

The stone father and mother can be seen climbing up a cliff near Sunny Steps while their children watch from afar.

With Fortnite’s next in-game event taking place on Sunday, July 20 at approximately 3 pm ET.

Will you be joining in on the event? Do you think the giant robot will finally face off against the Polar Peak monster or has Epic been trolling us?