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Fortnite’s Batman Bat Cave location possibly revealed in new leak

The Fortnite x Batman crossover comics hinted at a Bat Cave coming to The Island. Now, a recent update may have leaked its location.



Fortnite Batman Bat Cave Location

Batman returns to Fortnite in his latest series of comics, and his next step is to set up a base of operations. The latest Fortnite update may have revealed where the Bat Cave will be located.

Similar to the Chapter 2 Season 4’s Marvel crossover, DC Comics has teamed up with Fortnite to create its own crossover comic series. The limited series is a crossover between Fortnite and DC Comics’ Batman, but also features a cast of other DC heroes and villains.

A large number of iconic DC characters are already in Fortnite, and Batman has been a part of the roster since Chapter 1. Other characters, like Deathstroke, are believed to be coming to Fortnite in the near future because of their appearance in the comics.

It is also believed that Batman will be setting up a makeshift Bat Cave on The Island. The comics have already revealed that Batman does in fact have a Bat Cave on Fortnite’s island, and it’s only a matter of time before it appears in-game.

The v16.30 patch for Fortnite was released today, and assets for the Bat Cave were found by dataminer Lucas7Yoshi inside the game’s files. Technically it’s more of a Bat Shack, but it looks identical to the shack Batman uses in the comics. As well, it has the Batman symbol on the front to make it glaringly obvious.

As well, a small island roughly the size of the Bat Cave has surfaced directly south of Flush Factory. While Batman is seen walking through the forest to get to the shack in the comics, it’s believed that the in-game shack will be placed on this island.

We still don’t know how Batman and his allies/enemies will play into Fortnite’s storyline. It’s a possibility that Epic Games is planning another crossover season with DC instead of Marvel. However, that may seem unlikely due to the Batman x Fortnite comics already being released.

Regardless, Batman will be returning to Fortnite’s island, and his Bat Cave is already starting to take shape. Stay tuned for more information about Batman as his arrival grows closer.


Fortnite survey shows concept art for potential upcoming skins

A recent survey sent out by Epic Games reveals some Fortnite concept art of skins that might be coming to the game in the future



fortnite skin concepts survey

A survey sent by Epic Games to members of the Fortnite community asked players which concept art they’d most want to see turned into skins. These pieces of Fortnite concept art could potentially be turned into actual in-game skins.

Fortnite has sent out a number of surveys over the years that cover a broad range of topics. Players were first made aware of the monthly Fortnite Crew pack through surveys. And information has once again been leaked thanks to another survey.

This time, the information that has been leaked is a little less concrete. Instead of asking surveyors what they would want from an upcoming program, they were asked which skins they would most want in Fortnite. That doesn’t mean any or all of these skins will make it into the game, but some of them are too cool to pass up.

Fortnite concept art of potential skins

The skin concepts shown above were all presented as options during the survey. Twitter user LeakySussed began posting screenshots of these characters, and notable leaker HYPEX put them all into one image. According to LeakySussed, the survey only asked how long they’ve played Fortnite, which skins they preferred, and how would they rate Fortnite.

Leaker iFireMonkey also shared information regarding the survey. Surveyors were shown sets of four skins and were asked to select a favorite and least favorite from each group. This is meant to help gauge players’ interest in skins. However, each concept shown definitely needs to be in the game.

iFireMoneky also noted that some of the Fortnite skin concepts shown were made by artists in the community. Fortnite has recently started to collaborate with artists to make their concepts a reality. If this survey is any indication, it seems like Epic Games wants to continue to collab with its community.

All of these skins are amazing, and it would be cool to see them all make their way into Fortnite in the future. Now it’s time to ask if you could choose one of these skins to make it into Fortnite, which would it be? Let us know down below!

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Cartoon Meowscles skin leaked by Fortnite France Twitter

The highly-anticipated Cartoon Meowscles skin is real and has been leaked for the official Fortnite France Twitter.



Fortnite meowscles cartoon skin

The highly-anticipated Cartoon Meowscles skin was revealed early thanks to a now-deleted Twitter video from Fortnite France. The vintage take on a fan-favorite skin is will be a must-buy when this cartoon feline lands in the Item Shop.

Cartoon Meowscles was first discovered a week ago when data miners found an in-game spray that depicted the cat, Fishstick, and Peely as classic cartoon characters. Miners then discovered code for what seemed to be a set of cartoon-themed skins.

One week later, Fortnite begins teasing Meowscles’ transformation with a three-panel comic. Meowscles eats a peculiar-looking fish wearing a top hat and then begins to transform into a cartoon. This morning, Fortnite posted a teaser video of the official Meowscles music pack with a still image of the upcoming skin.

Fortnite Meowscles Lobby track

However, Fortnite France’s Twitter was slightly overzealous and posted a video of the actual Meowcles skin performing a built-in emote. The tweet was quickly removed but reuploaded by iFireMonkey and various other Fortnite leakers.

The Cartoon Meowscles skin perfectly depicts a 1950’s cartoon, and the emote shows off the iconic boneless movements of that style. The lack of shading and stark contrast between the blacks and whites of the skin also help emphasize the feeling of a vintage cartoon.

With the teasers for the skin becoming more frequent, players will likely see him appear in the Item Shop tonight or sometime in the next couple of days. However, the cartoon Fishstick and Peely skins have yet to be teased at all. It was believed that the three would be sold as a set, but Cartoon Meowscles might be a lone wolf.

Meowscles, Peely, and Fishstick have become mascots of Fortnite since their release. Fans adore their goofy designs, and they are used quite frequently in promotional videos. Despite Peely having been blown away in the Season 6 trailer, it would be great to see him return as a 1950’s cartoon banana.

Only time will tell if all three of these mascots get toonified, and hopefully, it will happen sooner rather than later. While these skins may not be competitively viable due to their bulky nature, they are must-haves for avid skin collectors.

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Top 10 highest earning Fortnite Collaborations

Fortnite is known for its collaborations with other media franchises, and here are the top 10 highest earning collabs.



Fortnite collabs ranked by revenue

A leaked document from the Epic Games vs Apple trial revealed the highest earning Fortnite collaborations. While the document doesn’t give specific numbers, a bar graph compares the revenue from each collab.

Fortnite is known for its collaborations with other media franchises. Sometimes they are as simple as Easter eggs hidden around the map, and other times they are as extensive as an entire themed season. Fortnite has used these collabs to generate massive amounts of revenue, but some are more profitable than others.

These collaborations have included DC Comics, Borderlands, Wreck-it Ralph, and a number of other popular franchises. Collaborations started off small with a single licensed skin every few seasons. Now, players can expect a new licensed character every week or two.

fortnite gold skins

Of course, the size of the crossover can also affect how much revenue it generates. That’s why people won’t surprised to see the first few names on the list. Yet, there are a couple of placements on the list that may be surprising.

PlacementIP Collaborator
2ndStar Wars
3rdNational Football League (NFL)
4thTravis Scott
6thDC Comics
7thJohn Wick
8thTyler “Ninja” Blevins

Keep in mind, this is from a report made in June of 2020 at the end of the 2019-20 fiscal year. Marvel’s season-long crossover had yet to start when this report was made. As well, Grefg, Lachlan, and Lazarbeam hadn’t had their skins revealed yet which could easily bump a few of these names off the list.

Marvel, DC, and Star Wars had already had multiple crossovers at that time and multiple opportunities to purchase the collab skins. When looking at the chart below, none of the other franchises come close to Marvel. However, if select skins such as Travis Scott or Marshmello were put back into the item shop, they may generate enough revenue to move up the ranks.

Fortnite top collaborating IPs

It’s interesting to look at the revenue generated vs the size of the IP. Drake has more monthly listeners than both Marshmello and Travis Scott. Yet, since he only has an emote in Fortnite, the revenue he generated is much less.

Seeing the insane number of collaborations over the past year, there’s no doubt that this top ten list will change. DC is on the verge of releasing a number of new cosmetics, Grefg’s record-breaking stream must have also influenced skin sales, and the addition of beloved video game characters will have an impact on the highest earning Fortnite collaborations

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