While many players complain about the state of Fortnite, everyone complaining is lucky they can even play the game at all.

Some countries have banned Fortnite for various reasons, usually having to do with the in-game violence, but also bans could be related the World Health Organization (WHO) study. For those who don’t recall, that study named Fortnite when they classified ‘gaming addiction’ as a legitimate disease.


Fortnite has already been banned in China and Iraq – now another middle eastern country is following suit. Jordan – a country east of Israel on the Mediterranean Sea – has indicated a ban for Fortnite is coming soon.

The country already banned PUBG, and a Director at the Telecommunications Regulatory Commission (TRC) in Jordan said Fortnite is expected to be banned as well.

Despite Epic Games not having blood in the game or even using the word ‘kill,’ apparently Fortnite is still too violent for some countries.

The use of ‘eliminated’ instead of ‘killed’ helped Fortnite be rated T instead of M

Either that, or it is too popular. When Fortnite is the game being played in living rooms across the country, it can become a scapegoat for the gaming world itself.

China is a special case due to government censorship, an issue that made the country replace PUBG with a similar game called ‘Game for Peace.’

They are effectively the same game with players even loading up ‘Game for Peace’ and returning to their previous level in PUBG.

One of the differences between the two games is that instead of dying, the players go to the ground, then get back up and wave at their opponent.

For Fortnite, there isn’t much Epic Games can do. Making the game any less violent would basically mean the removal of guns which is effectively impossible to do.

With a population of 9 million, Jordan isn’t a big enough country to warrant a significant response or a different version of the game. But if this becomes a pattern with more and more countries enacting bans on the game, something might have to give.

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