The Fortnite Item Shop has received a rather drastic update which allows players to purchase Back Bling separate from their Outfit cosmetic counterparts.

Epic Games has announced via the March 6th Item Shop update that Back Bling will now be available for separate purchase. “…in the Item Shop, featuring the new Sun Sprout and Haystack back blings, now sold separately!”

The following Uncommon Back Bling are currently available in the Wednesday, March 6th Item Shop for 200 V-Bucks each…

Haystacks (Uncommon Back Bling) – 200 V-Bucks

Characteristically unfriendly to birds.

Sun Sprout (Uncommon Back Bling) – 200 V-Bucks

Perfectly sunny.

The Fortnite fan reception of this change seems to be rather mixed, while some are happy to see this change, others are uncertain on what it means for the Item Shop.

Purchasable backblings is something we all wanted!

They are selling the back blings separate now? That’s not cool!😤

A common topic in the Fortnite community is the structure of the Item Shop. Many fans feel that there should be an increase in Daily Items. It’s possible this is Epic’s first of many Item Shop overhauls.

What are your thoughts on the Fortnite Item Shop design? What would you change?

The Fortnite v8.0.1 update is set for Wednesday, March 6th at 4AM Eastern Time. It’s unknown if the Patch Notes will further detail the decision behind this change.

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