A new ‘Architect’ Pop-Up Cup was added to Fortnite’s event API endpoint. This cup brings a peculiar twist on a core function of Fortnite’s Battle Royale mode.

The description for the Architect Pop-Up Cup states that players will have the ability to edit any player built structure. This would severely alter the flow of building combat.

Players are typically restricted to editing only structures which they have built, the idea of this Pop-Up Cup is to remove that restriction, opening up a new world of possibilities.

Pop-Up Cups are tournaments testing temporary limited time modes. Architect will test the ability for players to edit any player built structure.

According to the other data listed for this event, it is a Solo playlist which functions as other Pop-Up Cups do; eliminations earn points, 20 points for a tournament pin.

By description, Pop-Up Cups are used to test potential upcoming Limited Time Modes. This of course means that Architect could be brought out of the competitive-esque playlist and made available as a standard LTM for all players.

via /r/FortniteLeaks

The initial reception of this idea seems rather mixed, while some players are excited for the variety this will bring to the game, others claim this will ruin the flow of combat.

What are your thoughts on giving players the ability to edit all player built structures?

Epic Games has yet to officially reveal this Pop-Up Cup, though it’s expected to release in the coming days after the v7.30 patch. Stay tuned.

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