The Fortnite community is gearing up for the latest in-game event, with High Stakes set to launch on Wednesday, September 5.

*Update – It has been delayed until Thursday September 6 due to a controller issue*

In the week building up to the launch date, we found out all kinds of different information on what it’ll involve, including the highly anticipated Getaway LTM, and the High Stakes challenges.

The first look of the event was teased during the PAX West Summer Skirmish event on September 3, and a Tweet on September 4 has confirmed the release date.

The High Stakes cosmetics that will come with the mode have been leaked as coming in Epic rarity within the item shop.

The most interesting part of this announcement is we now know when we’ll be getting our hands on the Grappler.

Leaked details of the new device claim it allows a user 15 shots before breaking, with the official description in-game claiming it pull you towards anything you hit.

“Pulls you to anything it hits! Make a daring escape or close the gap to an enemy player!”