Epic Games have announced the next major Fortnite tournament in the series – the Fall Skirmish. With $10,000,000 in prizes awarded over 6 weeks of the tournament, this one is bound to be as huge as the Summer Skirmish!

Epic Games will be revealing major details regarding the Fall Skirmish later this week, according to the tweet.

The Summer Skirmish, which was the tournament prior to the upcoming Fall Skirmish, was the first major Fortnite tournament – Epic Games awarded over $8,000,000 in prizes over eight weeks, so the Fall Skirmish is a major change.

The Grand Prize winner of the Summer Skirmish 2018, MorgausseTV, took home $225,000 USD after coming first in the eighth and final week of the tournament. With runners up getting up to $180,000. Each victory royale granted a player an additional $25,000.

We’ll most likely be seeing a higher grand prize this time around, and the Fall Skirmish is two weeks shorter than the Summer Skirmish was. We’ll let you know when Epic Games release more details this week for the upcoming tournament.