Everyone knows the war that is being waged in Fortnite comment sections but this concept could be a solution.

It doesn’t seem likely that Epic will change the update but anything can happen, especially with the consistent and strong backlash.

If Epic has no plans to revert the update, looking at a possible compromise may be the best option for the dev team.

One really solid compromise came from Ponzip who proposed adding a mechanic called “adrenaline” to the game:

“Adrenaline” would be a temporary 50 extra heal that you would get after every kill. It rewards risk taking, eliminations and would prevent getting 3rd partied without being a long-term advantage in the game like Syphon. Would it be a good compromise ? from r/FortNiteBR

This is a really smart suggestion because it provides that solid balance of giving a player a boost from making a kill, but it also doesn’t let amazing players stay at 150+ health as they pubstomp bots.

It helps to prevent the immediate third party but doesn’t provide an alternative to carrying health regenerating items.

High level players were prioritizing carrying health and shield way less before the update because they could rely on siphon to make sure they stayed healed up.

Why Fortnite changed what they did in v8.20 has been speculated on a lot, but it seems possible that the importance siphon took off looting shields and medkits may have been one of their key reasons.

Building a proper loadout is a crucial skill in Fortnite and anything that disrupts that will be something Epic is likely to target.

My theory is that players were still prioritizing health regeneration in Pop-Up Cups because the average player was better so kills were hard to come by. That led them to introduce the mechanic in public games. But with a weaker average player, the good players could forgo heals to focus on more weapons and aggressive utility items.

That could have the effect of giving better players an added advantage over weaker players, which is the opposite of what Epic wants.

This Adrenaline concept would be a nice solution where players couldn’t rely on it as a permanent source of health/shields so it alleviates at least one of those concerns for Epic.

What do you think of this concept as a possible solution?

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