The Fortnite skin ‘8-Ball vs Scratch’ is slowly becoming corrupted. The more you play, the worse it gets.

The Fortnite v11.31 update has given us a lot to talk about. Winterfest kicked-off today, bringing us some new challenges, free gifts, unvaulted weapons, and even more to get excited about.


Lost in the shuffle, however, was a small change that was made to the 8-Ball vs Scratch skin. These skins are facing corruption. The more you play with them, the worse the corruption gets.

Those who have played a few matches with the skin will start to see the corruption take hold. If this is your primary skin for Season 1, then the corrupted area may have already taken over.

As data miner @Hypex suggests, this is likely related to the Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 1 plot. The 8-Ball vs Scratch skin is the most robotic of any of the Battle Pass cosmetics, which means it could be vulnerable to a virus.

Could this corruption relate to the worlds that have clashed this season? Could 8-Ball and Scratch be merging into one character? Could this be the first of several corrupted skins from Season 1?

Via: @Hypex

We don’t have any further information about what all of this means – only speculation. All I know for sure is that this corrupted version looks pretty awesome. I, for one, will be playing with this skin until the new style is complete.

What do you think this corruption means? Do you think other Season 1 Battle Plass skins will follow? Let us know in the comments.

EDIT: The progression of the corruption appears to be based on your level, not on how much you use the skin. You need XP to rank it up. Apologies for the incorrect information!

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