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Fortnite 12.50 Update patch notes



Fortnite’s v12.50 Update is now live, introducing two major nerfs to aim assist and Heavy Sniper Rifles following complaints from fans and content creators.

Aim assist has been a hot topic among players of the popular battle royale title for some time now, with many believing that it gave controller players an unfair advantage over players who use keyboard and mouse.

After months of these complaints, Epic have finally moved to try and address the problems, and have also made some changes to the Heavy Sniper, a weapon that has become a major part of player’s loadouts throughout Season 2.

Heavy Sniper nerf

The only weapon to receive a major change this week is the Heavy Sniper, with Epic moving to reduce it’s incredible power as it becomes more than just a long-distance weapon in the game. Recently, players have been using it to blast through enemy builds, which is not an intended use of the gun.

On top of that, the Heavy Sniper often killed in one bullet, but in an email sent this morning, the developers confirmed that they had “retuned their effectiveness,” so they no longer wipe out enemies with full health and shields in a single blast.

The Heavy Sniper has been nerfed in the 12.50 Update. Credit: Epic Games

Aim assist nerfed

Perhaps the headline addition in v12.50, Epic Games have finally responded to weeks of complaints from mouse and keyboard players and reduced the effectiveness of aim assist for controller users.

Many have strongly believed that aim assist’s ability to lock on to an enemy gave those who used the console peripheral an unfair advantage, so the game’s developers have revealed that they included a change that makes “240hz aim assist act like 60hz,” in a move that will “impact target acquisition.”

New Modes: Party Royale & Operation: Payload

Alongside those major changes, Epic have also introduced two new modes to the game in the form of Party Royale and Operation: Payload.

Party Royale is a safe space for players to chill out and play with friends, with weapons and materials turned off. What this will actually entail remains unknown, but Epic have announced that they will be testing the mode for the first time on Friday, May 1/2 at 6:00 PM (PST) / 9:00 PM (EST) / 2:00 AM (BST), so everyone can hop in and see for themselves.

On top of that, players will also be able to sink their teeth into Operation: Payload, a new LTM that will see players defend a moving objective and guide it across a specified area while another team attempts to halt their progress, much like Overwatch.

Bug Fixes

Of course, no Fortnite patch is complete without some bug fixes, and Epic has revealed which issues have been addressed on their official Trello page.


  • Framerate and resolution drops in v12.41

Battle Royale

  • Local Challenges not appearing when entering a new area
  • “Block damage with a Kingsman” Challenge not tracking progress

Save the World

  • Surround Pound’s heavy attack may not deal damage to husks
  • Players may be swapped to their pickaxe when using an ability that’s on cooldown
  • Stormking Onslaught Projectiles are not functioning correctly
  • Players may become stuck in a previous Dungeons zone while their teammates are in the next one
  • Psylocke’s Pickaxe does not swing properly


  • Video playback disabled on Android
  • Extra Build buttons display Wall icons
  • Ping marker displays 0m

Fortnite’s v12.50 patch is now live and available to download on PC, Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch, and mobile devices.

Patch Notes

Fortnite v13.40: what to expect

Bug Fixes, cars, and more expectations for the next Fortniet update: v13.40.



It’s been two weeks since Fortnite v13.30 released, which means that we can expect v13.40 to come on August 4. We’re writing this article before the official announcement, but we feel confident that we’ll be getting an update tomorrow.

There are a few expectations going into v13.40. We still haven’t seen cars in Fortnite, after all, so every update that passes will have the community on the edge of their seats – waiting. Here are our predictions for v13.40. We’ll update this post if/when Epic officially announce the new patch.

Bug Fixes

Bug fixes come along with every Fortnite update. Lately, they’ve been the primary changes – the only visible differences between one update and another.

We’re unsure about the rest of our predictions, but we can be confident that Epic will address these bugs in the v13.40 update – at least, they’ll try. You may recognize some of these issues from last week’s bug fixes. Not all of them took.

Here are all of the bugs listed as “Fixed in Next Game Update” on the Fortnite Community Issues Trello board.

  • Ocean’s Bottomless Chug Jug unable to be picked up while recharging if dropped by another player.
  • XP bar can be visually incorrect while in a match. / Incorrect leveling-up.
  • “Land at Frenzy Farm/The Yacht and finish Top 25” not counting in Duos/Squads.
  • Slow Glider speed after redeploying in certain situations.
  • “Deal damage within 10s of landing from the Whirlpool at Hydro 16” should say “at The Yacht” instead.
  • Mouse cursor appearing on PC when playing with controller.
  • (Creative) Crash on consoles when renaming a device
  • (Creative) Multi-selected items do not rotate properly on grid snap
  • (Creative) Billboards broken in islands that used Roboto.


Could this be the week that cars finally enter Fortnite? We can only hope. It’s been a couple of weeks since No Sweat Insurance removed all of the road-worthy cars from Fortnite. One update later would be the logical time to add them back, but we don’t know for sure.

Presumably, Epic haven’t released cars to Fortnite because of an issue with them. We assume that their plan was to release them by now. If that’s the case, then we can’t accurately predict when cars will enter the game. Whatever issue sidelined them could still be there. We can, however, hold out hope that we see them in v13.40.

Dragon Shotgun

A leaked “Dragon Shotgun” was found in the Fortnite This is, likely, a long-shot to come into the game in v13.40 but it’s possible. Fire has been a primary theme of Fortnite Season 3, and a shotgun that relates to fire seems like a perfect addition to the season.

We haven’t seen much of this shotgun since its original leak back in June, which probably points to a later release date. Still, it’s possible that we see the new shotgun in v13.40 so it’s worth mentioning.

There you have it: everything you can expect in the v13.40 update. We’re cautiously optimistic about cars coming this week. We wouldn’t be surprised if Epic held off for another week, but fans have been clamoring for them ever since the v13.30. We’ll know for sure when 2:00 am EST rolls around.

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Patch Notes

Fortnite July 30 update: what changed?

Sweaty Sands, Camp Cod, The Shark, and more locations dry out in the Fortnite July 30 map update.



The second to last water level decrease took place today, July 30, bringing the Season 3 map a lot closer to what it looked like during Season 2. Sure, we have some new POIs, but all of the locations that have surfaced over the course of the season were there to begin with – at least, so far.

The most obvious change in this update was the lowering of the water levels at Sweaty Sands. This was one of the locations that was protected by No Sweat Insurance – so it’s always been a viable landing spot. Now, the area will look a bit more familiar. The buried treasure on the beach is, once again, attainable for players who want to go digging for loot.

A flooded Sweat Sands from earlier in the season

Camp Cod also experienced some drainage. It poked its tip out of the water last week, but today’s water level change brought it 100% back to normal. A lot of the area shows signs of the flood, but the chests have returned to where they were and it, again, makes for an awesome place to land in Arena Mode.

Surprisingly, The Rig seems to have lost some land with this update. The only island that’s left from the original Rig is the one that houses the vault.

The Shark is back, but it’s in shambles. You can land there for some decent loot, but it’s a far cry from how it was back in Season 2. RIP Skye and Ollie. It was a fun ride with you two.

There have been some smaller map changes as well. The boat houses on the shore to the south of Holly Hedges have returned, The Fortilla seems to have moved, slightly, and another gas station has popped-up at Sweaty Sands.

We’re, reportedly, only a few days away from the Atlantis POI coming to the game. According to data miners, this should happen on August 1, which could be when we see cars as well – although this is probably wishful thinking. We’ll keep you posted when the final water levels change on August 1.

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Patch Notes

Biggest Fortnite map changes in July 27 update

The Fortnite water levels continue to lower, revealing Dirty Docks, Slurpy Swamp, The Shark, and more.



The Fortnite Season 3 map has been leaking for the past few weeks, leading to an acceleration of the lowering of the water levels across the island. The last water-level update happened only three days ago, and another one took place on July 27.

The biggest revelation was – as expected – Dirty Docks. The water has almost completely left this area and it now has its name back. Slurpy Swamp has returned as well, but the water is still relatively high. The swampy area of this biome is still covered.

The July 27 update mostly continued to lower the water levels in areas that were already close to dried out. Weeping Woods continued to go down, as did the water levels at The Shark.

There are some smaller locations around the map that received an update as well. Hydro 16 seems to be viable, now, as is Coral Cove and Camp Cod.

Unfortunately, we didn’t see a ton of new places or hints enter the game. All of the major updates had to do with existing POIs. Sure, they might be a bit messier than they were in Season 2, but there are little changes apart from that.

There’s one exception to this observation: the giant whirlpool to the west of the map. Most players assume that this will be the location of the rumored “Atlantis” POI. If you take a look at the map, you can see that the whirlpool seems to be causing the surrounding area to sink – similar to the background in the Aquaman teaser.

We could eventually see the water in this area dry out in a circle, creating a barrier like we saw with the storm at the tail end of Season 2. This could happen as early as this week.

There are a few smaller map changes that we didn’t mention, but we’ll leave those for you to discover on your own. We’ll give you another update when the water levels lower. once again. Next time, we could be seeing the Atlantis POI for the first time – at least, we hope.

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