Epic Games continues to pouring in more Fortbytes for Season 9 Battle Pass users. Fortbyte #100 hot drops players straight into Fortnite’s most chaotic city, Neo Tilted.

Fortbytes. A mainstay feature of Season 9’s content flow and a fun way for all of us to work together towards a common goal. We’ve taken a liking to Epic’s daily challenge concepts and hope to see more in Season 10 and beyond.

Anyway, onto number 100. Of course, the pinnacle of Fortbytes needs an attractive location to sit in. Strap on your futuristic outfits, we’re dropping Neo Tilted.

Fortbyte #100 Location – Neo Tilted

Neo Tilted serves as the crowning jewel of Fortnite’s landscape. Its flashy towers and spotlights shine through the night with a piercing glow. The city also houses several Fortbytes including number 100.

The tower housing the collectible is located north of the decorative pool of water at the center of Neo Tilted.

Fortbyte 100 is found in Neo Tilted

Praise to Fortnite’s building mechanics so we don’t need to pack any climbing gear. In fact, you can even make your up the tower via the interior stairs. For the adrenaline junkies, landing directly on top of the structure like James Bond is an excellent option.

As any experience player knows, Neo Tilted will eat you alive if you aren’t loaded to bear. If you are thinking of completing the mission in a core mode, land away from the Fortbyte to begin with. The lower floors and surrounding buildings offer dozens of chests, over 100 floor loot spawns, and there might even be a Loot Carrier flying around.

After you’ve obtained some much needed firepower and materials, start your trek upwards. Build alongside the edges of the towers to avoid being knocked off into the lobby screen. Placing walls and flat platforms on your ramps also help with reinforcing your ascent.

Once you’ve clawed your way to the peak, all you have to do is pick up the Fortbyte.

Due to Fortnite’s destructive environments, we encountered a funny little gimmick while trying to collect the day’s prize. Upon arriving in Neo Tilted, the whole tower had been brought down to the ground with the Fortbyte floating in the sky…that’s trolling dedication.

For a visual representation of how to retrieve this gem, here’s a quick video from Victrail:

If you are struggling to complete any challenges (it’s ok, we’ve been there), head to our complete list of Fortbytes. Check back daily for more Fortnite content. We’ll hope to see you in-game!

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