Similar to the Iceberg of Season 7, a new joint player event has popped up within Fortnite today. An excavation filled to the brim with rocks has appeared near Paradise Palms.

The Iceberg of Season 7 was a joint, multi-server event that allowed players to work together to crack through its thick ice to reveal new content.

Epic’s doing it again. A new excavation site has appeared near Paradise Palms. It’s an average sized pit of rocks, which seems to lead downwards towards something beneath the Fortnite map.

No additional information about the dig site has been released as of now, so get to digging and we’ll find out soon enough!

Here’s a few images and a bit of video of the event from @LootLakeBR on Twitter:

Each rock can damaged by every player, so once you get the chance, start digging. As of right now, this is the most important thing we can do as Fortnite players (though winning remains a nice and close second).

Big bones (possibly dinosaur bones?) have been spotted poking out from one of the corners of the pit. This leads to more questions than anything…what could we be getting from this joint effort? Here’s a pic of the bones:

Bones have appeared in the dig-site

A car has also began to appear from one of the corners. This is starting to look like a real mystery is on our hands.

A car and bones? What could this mean?

As of right now, a few of the rocks have already been destroyed by the community. Get in there and become a part of Fortnite history.

These types of joint, world-wide events are truly splendid ways for Epic to bring Fortnite’s community together around a common goal. It sort of feels like an MMO experience, but most MMOs don’t even come close to this level of wide-scale player interaction.

The more players there are destroying the rocks, the faster the process will go. Similar to the Iceberg, we expect to see some new Fortnite feature to pop out from under these rocks.

Or, perhaps it’ll be an all new area under the map. Could it be a second-layer of Fortnite? Caverns with loot and mining shafts of gear? Or could it be an elaborate April’s Fools prank pulled on us all?

We literally have no idea, but you can expect something amazing is about to happen in the world of Fortnite.

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