Take a look at the complete challenge guide for the 8-Ball vs. Scratch Overtime challenges.

Fortnite v11.40 brought two new sets of Overtime challenges for the Rippley and 8-Ball skins. The Rippley challenges are relatively straightforward, but the 8-Ball challenges are going to be a headache.


Everyone remembers how beloved the ‘ring doorbells with enemies inside’ challenge was a few seasons ago. We have it back this season! *waves hands sarcastically*

Here are all of the 8-Ball vs. Scratch challenges for those who haven’t seen them. They’re a doozy, so prepare yourself for some Team Rumble grinding.

Via: Lucas7Yoshi

Luckily, you won’t have to find the no-swimming signs, gnomes, doorbells, bouncy objects, and mountain Base Camps by yourself. Our neighborhood challenge guide master SquattingDog has us covered with a complete map of all of the challenges.

Here’s a look at everything you have to do to grab your new skin variant. There are still two weeks until the final Overtime challenge comes out, so you have plenty of time. You can take a look at those leaked Overtime challenges and rewards here.

Via: TheSquattingDog

Now that you know where to find all of the hidden locations, you only have to focus on the annoying challenges like ringing doorbells and damaging players with a Harpoon Gun.

It’s going to be a long few days for the completionists out there. I hope you really like the yellow 8-Ball skin.

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