More details have come out about the shutdown of FNBR Leaks, a popular site to find Fortnite leaks through game files.

After FNBR Leaks was forced to shut down when Epic Games threatened legal action, many people wondered if the rest of the leak sites would be next.

But according to Epic Games Community Coordinator Sean ‘MrPopoTFS’ Hamilton, it wasn’t the leaks that got FNBR in trouble.

Apparently, the site was promoting software tools that violated Epic Games terms of service. (TOS)

“The owner of this account and others promoted and advertised the sale of game modification tools which violate our terms of service, and this is not directly related to data mining or leaking,” MrPopoTFS said on Reddit.

This is great news for many other leak sites because they had to be worried if they would come next after one of the leaders in the space was forced to shut down.

Now, not only will the other leak sites not be targeted – assuming they don’t promote unauthorized software – a major gap in the market has just opened up.

The future will still hold plenty of new information coming from the in-game files, but it won’t be FNBR Leaks promoting it.

At the time of shutdown, FNBR’s twitter page had over 200k followers.