The new ‘Floor is Lava’ has been a lot of crazy fun, but it’s little too much at times. Epic Games has released an update for the mode to try and deal with its problems.

The new LTM ‘Flood is Lava’ garnered quite a few fans quickly due to its quick pacing and unique idea, but it can get a little too wild at times.

Epic Games is seeking to correct the problems they’ve been seeing with the new gamemode by releasing an update to the mode. The changes try to control the pacing of the early game a bit better to allow players better time to collect much need resources.

If you haven’t played ‘Floor is Lava’ before, the gist of the gamemode is in the name. The ground begins to rise as the game goes on and you are forced to building higher and higher to avoid death from the lava.

Here’s Epic’s official tweet on the changes to the gamemode:

The building dynamics of the gamemode are very different from regular Fortnite. The chances of getting knocked down are much higher as players will try to destroy the bottom stories of builds faster in order to force lava damage.

The changes seem to be quite logical to ensure the game can flow a little better. The storm timer will allow players just a little more time to collect mats while the Cannons allow for a bit more upward mobility.

The Uncommon or better weapons will allow for better and more consistent gun-fights without the “trash” weapons.

The lava damage nerf essentially gives one more tick before you die to it now, giving players a little more time to get out of the hot substance.

What do you think about the new ‘Flood is Lava’ gamemode? Tell us your thoughts on the mode and the changes in the comments.

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