Avengers: Endgame releases this Thursday, April 25th. At the same time, Fortnite is doing some sort of big Avengers event.

We don’t know a ton about what will happen during the event, but that hasn’t made us any less excited.

The first Avengers/Fortnite crossover came through a Thanos LTM last Spring, and it was a lot of fun.

We believe this event will be even bigger and will feature some of the heroes, not just the main villain.

Most likely the event will be contained to just an LTM to stay separate from the main game, but we can’t be sure.

If it is an LTM, they could add a bunch of overpowered weapons from the Marvel universe that would be a ton of fun to use in Fortnite. These weapons will all have absurd abilities on par with the Infinity Blade, but there will be a bunch of them in the game which will help them be balanced.

They would work like the Infinity Gauntlet in the last LTM. You kill the wearer, the item is now yours.

Here’s our list of the top five weapons we want to see Fortnite add during the Avengers event:

There will be a lot of Avenger’s spoilers in here, so if you haven’t seen all the prequels and don’t want anything spoiled, tread carefully.

#5 Vibranium Pickaxe

The mythical metal that powers all of Wakanda is one of the most important substances on earth. Captain America’s shield is made out of it, although he didn’t always know that, and Vibranium was a core plot point in the Black Panther movie.

The first time we are introduced to adult Killmonger, he is robbing an artifact from a museum. The axe is made out of Vibranium and the scene is a great introduction to one of the Marvel universes best villains in Killmonger.

How would it work in Fortnite? I see this weapon as a supercharged pickaxe. Able to farm any material in one swing and decimate builds easily. It could provide double the materials when used which would make it a very valuable resource and something on par with the other weapons on this list.

#4. Dr. Strange’s Cloak of Levitation

The first Dr. Strange movie was quietly one of the best in the Marvel franchise. The mysterious protector of the Time Stone is actually one of the most powerful character the Avengers have.

While I avoided having any of the stones themselves on this list (they are all too powerful and too hard to adapt to Fortnite), Dr. Strange also boasts another powerful weapon.

His signature cloak allows him to fly, guides him in the correct direction, and even helps him fight by protecting from attacks and countering. Here’s a promo clip from before Dr. Strange was released that explains a bit more about the cloak.

How would it work in Fortnite? The cloak in Fortnite could do two key things. One, it would let the player fly which is always fun. And two, it could act as a moveable shield so that the player could never be shot in the back.

#3 Captain America’s Shield

Possibly the most iconic weapon in all of the Avenger’s movies, Cap’s shield is a crucial weapon. It is used obviously as an impenetrable shield, but is also a devastating weapon that acts like a boomerang when he throws it.

Made out of Vibranium, it’s one of the few weapons made from the metal that didn’t stay in Wakanda. Some people think it is actually already in Fortnite. The mysterious location the runes are heading towards is a circle with a star in the middle, much like the shield.

Plus it appeared on the official teaser from Epic, and the runes are lining up to all hit the middle, around the same time Avengers is released.

It all makes sense now from r/FortNiteBR

It really does look pretty similar. So how would the shield work in Fortnite? I’ll turn this one over to GameBrine032 who detailed some cool abilities for whoever is rocking Cap’s shield at the time.

Simply predictions (Updated title so that people won’t be messed up) from r/FortNiteBR

#2 Iron Man’s Suit

This one is my personal favorite, and could easily be the most overpowered. The original Iron Man is one of my favorite movies of all time and a ton of that movie centers around the creation of his signature suit.

Arguably the most powerful weapon on the planet not in Wakanda, Iron Man’s suit has the firepower of a small armada.

The amount of abilities it provides are impossible to list because Tony Stark is always tinkering and bringing new features to the suit.

One of the best scenes were we get to see this power on full display is in the first movie when Tony goes to destroy some missiles his company supplied terrorists with.

How would this work in Fortnite? The hand blaster would make for a powerful primary weapon that could melt enemies. A secondary weapon like the guided missiles in that clip would be a cool addition as well.

They would probably need a cool down to make them a bit more balanced, but the goal here is to really just lean into the OP nature of the Avenger’s weapons. Add in the ability to fly, and we have a super fun suit to use, but it’s not quite the best weapon on the Avenger’s universe.

#1 Thor’s Hammer

You can’t mess with the Norse god and his hammer. While Vibranium may be the strongest metal on Earth, Thor’s hammer was forged from Asgardian metal in the heart of a dying star.

In the comics, the creation of the hammer was actually the event that killed the dinosaurs on Earth. While Mjölnir no longer exists in the Marvel cinematic universe, it was an amazing weapon and was replaced by an axe called Stormbreaker that seems to hold a similar power.

For clarity purposes, we are going to describe Stormbreaker and Mjölnir as the same weapon. For an example of how absurdly strong Thor is, the scene in Infinity War when the Avengers are getting run over by Thanos’ demon minions, Thor comes in and takes out over a hundred by himself.

How would it work in Fortnite? Thor’s hammer gives him the ability to fly, beat the crap out of people, and harness lightning. We already have a lot of flying in the other weapons on this list, so maybe just some powerful jumping would do well.

The hammer can be thrown like a boomerang which works well for Fortnite. Lightning poses some issues. Would you be able to target it? Or just have it surround you as you move?

Or possibly the hammer could just have a residual effect after making contact, leaving the opponent sorta paralyzed. Landings on jumps could do the same.

That wraps up this list of some of the best items for Avengers/Fortnite. Whatever Epic has planned, is sure to be insane but I’ve really talked myself into having a complex LTM with multiple insane items.

What weapons would you like to see Fortnite add when the event kicks off?

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    • I probably should have included a nod to it, but I avoided it because we have already seen it in Fortnite through the first LTM. Honestly, I felt like the power level the gauntlet should give you doesn’t translate well to Fortnite as Thanos wasn’t super difficult to take down the first time around.

  1. Nice list! I agree on all of these, they would be super fun to play with, maybe a serum that could turn you into hulk for a certain amount of time would be hilarious and strong too. Or the super soldier serum with turned Captain America into the one we see today we be awesome as well.

    • Oh yeah that would be awesome! have it take the place of Slurps. You could even have spiders around the map that “bite” you and let you swing around a bit. So many fun possibilities.


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