The Fortnite leak community is large and every day people are showing off what they were able to find in the game files.

Ever since the beginning of 2019, Epic has been encrypting more and more game files making leaks harder to come by.

But some leakers have found workarounds. A new batch of leaks from Ventyrus has not only found unreleased skins but actually dropped them into games to show how they will look in game.

That extra step is nice because almost everyone has bought a skin that looked sweet in the item shop only to not like how it actually looks in game.

In all Ventryus has posted gameplay of the Asmodeus, Callisto and Airhead skins.

While these skins were already well known, seeing them in-game is a fun way to check in with them if you are considering a purchase.

As with any cosmetic leak, there are no guarantees that these skins are added to the game. While the vast majority of cosmetics that appear in the game files are, there have been examples of skins that were found and later deleted from the files without ever making it into the actual game.

If you want to see the front view of these skins, check out our hub that constantly updates with all the different skins that have been found in the game files but haven’t been released.

What are your thoughts on these three skins? Personally I’m leaning towards ‘meh’ but am considering the airhead over the other two.

Let me know what you think in the comments.

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