The snowstorm is approaching, and what that will bring still remains to be seen, but we took it upon ourselves to come up with some ideas for a snowy Fortnite.

A lot of fan concepts have come out already and we know Epic is planning something for the holidays. As we wait for the official word, here are five things we would like to see:

  1. Sleds

How much of the map will be covered by snow is still a mystery, but, if it’s a lot, sleds on hilltops could be a fun addition. Similar to the shopping carts, these sleds would pick up more speed as they went down the snow-covered peaks. In squads, there could be bobsleds allowing players to act out their Olympic dreams in the game. 

  1. Candy Cane RPGs, Ornament Grenades and Snowmobiles

These are all just reskins of weapons or vehicles already in the game that fit the festive mood of the holidays. The grenade could use a buff and this may be a good chance to test it out by sending shards of ornaments flying at your enemies. Snowmobiles could replace the ATVs in colder parts of the map. 

  1. Snowball Forts

Similar to the port-a-fort, these snowball castles could be grabbable items to be used in a moments notice. They would come stocked with mounds of snowballs and the upper level could house a slingshot or a snowball turret. As long as they aren’t ice balls, the turret shouldn’t be absurdly OP. 

  1. Freeze Gun

Fans of Overwatch know how annoying Mei’s freeze gun can be, but it may work better in Fortnite. There are more ways to create distance between you and your opponent in Fortnite and the gun would drop off its effectiveness quickly. When looking at A.I.M. – who is on the map carrying out some sort of mission – a freeze gun could be its weapon of choice.

  1. Santa’s Sleigh

My personal favorite, Santa’s Sleigh would be parked on rooftops in the different residential parts of the map. Once players load up, the sleigh would fly away to another section. To make it less obvious someone is flying into town, the sleigh could make use of invisibility or allow the player to jump out over their destination. The sleigh could make a regular rotation from Tilted to Greasy to Salty to Retail to Pleasant and back to Tilted. This would provide a quick way of transport if the rifts around the map end up closing.

Do you have an idea for something else you want to see in Fortnite this winter? Tell us in the comments below.

Community Suggestions

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