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Five items that would improve Fortnite’s winter – Santa’s Sleigh, Freeze Gun and more



The snowstorm is approaching, and what that will bring still remains to be seen, but we took it upon ourselves to come up with some ideas for a snowy Fortnite.

A lot of fan concepts have come out already and we know Epic is planning something for the holidays. As we wait for the official word, here are five things we would like to see:

  1. Sleds

How much of the map will be covered by snow is still a mystery, but, if it’s a lot, sleds on hilltops could be a fun addition. Similar to the shopping carts, these sleds would pick up more speed as they went down the snow-covered peaks. In squads, there could be bobsleds allowing players to act out their Olympic dreams in the game. 

  1. Candy Cane RPGs, Ornament Grenades and Snowmobiles

These are all just reskins of weapons or vehicles already in the game that fit the festive mood of the holidays. The grenade could use a buff and this may be a good chance to test it out by sending shards of ornaments flying at your enemies. Snowmobiles could replace the ATVs in colder parts of the map. 

  1. Snowball Forts

Similar to the port-a-fort, these snowball castles could be grabbable items to be used in a moments notice. They would come stocked with mounds of snowballs and the upper level could house a slingshot or a snowball turret. As long as they aren’t ice balls, the turret shouldn’t be absurdly OP. 

  1. Freeze Gun

Fans of Overwatch know how annoying Mei’s freeze gun can be, but it may work better in Fortnite. There are more ways to create distance between you and your opponent in Fortnite and the gun would drop off its effectiveness quickly. When looking at A.I.M. – who is on the map carrying out some sort of mission – a freeze gun could be its weapon of choice.

  1. Santa’s Sleigh

My personal favorite, Santa’s Sleigh would be parked on rooftops in the different residential parts of the map. Once players load up, the sleigh would fly away to another section. To make it less obvious someone is flying into town, the sleigh could make use of invisibility or allow the player to jump out over their destination. The sleigh could make a regular rotation from Tilted to Greasy to Salty to Retail to Pleasant and back to Tilted. This would provide a quick way of transport if the rifts around the map end up closing.

Do you have an idea for something else you want to see in Fortnite this winter? Tell us in the comments below.

Community Suggestions

Christmas Cookies

Snowglobe and Stuffed Snowman Back Bling

Tier 100 Santa Skin

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Brilliant Fortnite concept brings back the Rift-To-Go in a unique way

With the rumored return of the Rift-To-Go, this concept fits the current Fortnite chapter, perfectly.



Fortnite Rift-To-Go concept

Rifts are appearing more and more frequently around the map in Chapter 2 Season 4. The beginning of the season featured no rifts, but that number has now grown to the double-digits after the introduction of Marvel POIs and the implementation of Fortnitemares.

It seems like rifts are, slowly but surely, making their way back into the Fortnite meta. This could usher-in a fan-favorite returning item in the Rift-To-Go, which most fans would love to see in the game.

The Rift-To-Go was the Ace-in-the-hole during a Fortnite battle. In over you head? No problem, just hit the Rift-To-Go and reposition yourself. In competitive play, the Rift-To-Go was a must-carry for rotational purposes. All around, it was one of the best mobility items in Fortnite and few players would have anything bad to say about it.

We think that a return of the Rift-To-Go is more than likely in the near future, but Epic have an opportunity to but a Cheaper 2 spin on the classic item, What if you could catch a Rift in the same way that you catch Fireflies? That’s what Reddit user u/Star_Wyse is proposing.

With Chapter 2’s implementation of foraged items, Epic allowed players to pick up Mushrooms, Apples, and more to save them for later. A similar mechanic for Rifts would make a lot of sense.

Credit: u/Star_Wyse

Most of the Fortnite concepts that we see are far-fetched or too good to be true. This one isn’t and seems to fit exactly in-line with what Epic have been doing, lately.

Will the Rift-To-Go return for Fortnite Season 5? Only time will tell. If it does, we hope to see some mechanic like this play a role in its return.

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PS5 Fortnite trailer fuels custom kill animation concept

Could customizeable elimination animations be coming in Fortnite Season 5?



Yesterday, September 16, Sony revealed the new PlayStation 5 along with some games that will be coming to the next-gen console. The company also used Fortnite as one of their returning games, showing players the visual enhancements that will come with the PS5.

Some of these improvements may be exclusive to the new PlayStation, but the trailer also showed us a handful of changes that will likely apply to all platforms – not just the PS5.

We touched on a lot of these changes in an article, yesterday, but fans have taken the speculation a step further since the trailer came out. Specifically, Fortnite players zeroed-in on the changed elimination animation that you see in the trailer.

This, along with the update Chug Jug and flame effects, was the central focus of the trailer for a lot of viewers. Clearly, Epic are planning on changing the elimination animations in the future.

Some players are suggesting that this change could point to Epic adding a customizable elimination animation for players.

It would make sense for Epic to add something like this. The more cosmetic options they have, the more money-making opportunities there are. Imagine if the Fortnite Season 5 Battle Pass contained unique kill animations for the first time. Who wouldn’t buy that?

Games like Valorant already have a variation of this feature. Another Epic Games title, Rocket League, has its own version of this as well: customizeable goal animations. This concept is far from confirmed, but it’s a realistic addition for which we can hope.

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Fortnite concept brings a much-needed adjustment to Marauders

Marauders are far too menacing in Fortnite Solos and Duos. This concept could present a fix for this problem.



Marauders might be the single worst part of Fortnite Season 3. They were seemingly added to replace the Henchmen that were in the old hideouts as well as give players something to do during the constant mind-game lull.

These NPC enemies carry Stink Grenades, Shotguns, ARs, Hunting Rifles, and RPGs. They can be a decent source of loot if you need it but are be devastating if you don’t. There are countless clips of players getting eliminated by rogue Marauders who third-party a fight. This is annoying in public matches and downright broken in competitive games. Here’s a clip of a player in Champion League who got killed by a Marauder while pushing an enemy. This shouldn’t happen.

Marauders will undoubtedly have something to do with the Season 3 plot and are likely here for the duration of the season. They don’t belong in competitive modes, but that’s a topic for a separate article. In the meantime, it’s about how we manage them while they’re in the game.

Most players avoid Marauders at all costs – especially in solo mode. They’re not worth the material, shield, and ammo cost required to take them out. While you’re fighting them and protecting yourself, you’re extremely vulnerable to being eliminated by another player.

Reddit user u/worrywirt had an idea that could make Marauders a lot more manageable. The concept is simple: scale the number of Marauders that spawn by each game mode. Epic already do this with the health of Supply Drops, so why not do it with Marauder mobs?

Marauders would still have the ability to eliminate unsuspecting players and ruin tournament games, but having two to three spawn in a group would be a lot easier to manage – especially if Epic keep them for the Season 3 FNCS competition.

Ideally, Epic would remove Marauders from all competitive modes, but they’re almost certainly staying in public matches. A concept like this one could be the most that we can hope for.

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